Mason Jar Salt and Pepper Shakers


Mason jars are one of my favorite things; they have so many uses and to me, represent a time when things were simple and true. The green tinted glass used to make these  vintage style salt and pepper shakers is representative of how mason jars looked so many years ago. Embossed with the well known trade name as it appeared in 1858, these shakers will add an old-fashioned and unique touch to any table.

Compliment the set with the ‘mason jar’ toothpick holder! Get some of our white enamelware bowls and dishes and every kitchen can be a country kitchen!

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These vintage style Mason Jar Salt and Pepper Shakers are part of our ‘Vintage Mason Jar Collection’ and each one measures 1 1/2 inches in diameter by 3 3/4 inches tall.

If you like country decor or love the simplicity of mason jars then you will really enjoy having these adorable mason jar salt and pepper shaker set! The light green tint to the glass along with the original text from 1858 makes these mason jar salt and pepper shakers are even more fun! Whether you place them on your dinner table for everyday use, or choose to use them during the summer out on your picnic table, either way they will add character and charm to any table!

The matching toothpick holder makes the set complete; the shaker top guarantees that every toothpick will be free from exposure to dirty hands too! Simply turn the shaker upside down and the 3 large holes on the screw top cap, provides plenty of access for you to retrieve a toothpick!

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Dimensions 1.5 × 1.5 × 3.75 in

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