Mercury Glass Tree-Vintage Style (7′”)


These vintage looking mercury glass trees complete any holiday or winter display. For my holiday mantle, I take freshly cut balsam, pine and holly sprigs and place clear twinkle lights throughout. I recently found some LED ‘snowflake’ lights that I also added, to create a wintery look. Next, I tuck groupings of the different sized trees, among the lights and greens. When the lights are on, because of their reflective metallic nature, the trees appear to glimmer and the mantle generates a warm glow in the night.

For a ‘country’ feel, tuck a Homespun Snowman amongst the greens and lights and place a mercury glass tree or two, near it. A festive look that is sure to add to charm to any mantle!

A great gift idea too.

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This vintage style mercury glass tree is a nostalgic way to decorate your home. Whether for the holidays or to have displayed  during the winter, these mercury glass trees will add character and charm no matter how  or where they are arranged.

Because the mercury glass trees are available in 2 other sizes, a nice way of  displaying them is to surround them with some sort of greens (I use silk greens because they are safest option) and twinkle lights. If you have a mantle, then you might want to consider this idea.  Their shiny metallic nature has reflective qualities so when they’re paired with twinkle lights, they create a cozy, warm glow. I leave my twinkle lights on 24 hours a day so at night they also make a wonderful night light.

The mercury glass tree has a 2.5 inch base and stands approximately 7 inches high.

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Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 7.0 × 3.5 × 3.5 in

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