Miss Kingsley Powdered Blotting Tissues


The summer is a wonderful time of year but when humidity enters the picture, looking your best can become challenging! Miss Kingsley's Powdered Blotting Tissues will leave your skin feeling fresh and shine-free no matter what the weather! By simply blotting your face with a powdered blotting tissue, perspiration and excess oils will disappear, leaving your face clean and presentable.

Powdered blotting tissues are an excellent solution to help busy women 'on the go', touch up their skin throughout the day without having to go through the hassle of washing it and re-applying make-up. The small convenient size of each booklet of powdered blotting tissues, makes them perfect to carry in your purse, cell phone case or even inyour vehicle's glove compartment! Never leave home without a pack!

Fun stocking stuffer or basket filler too!

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Miss Kingsley Powdered Blotting Tissues will keep your face feeling fresh and shine-free all day long, no matter what the weather!

We all know how heat and humidity can make us feel. To me, there is no worse feeling than having my face feel wet or sweaty! It is just not a nice feeling nor is it how you want to look, especially when you are dressed up for work or attending a special event. By simply blotting your face with a powdered blotting tissue, not only will perspiration and excess oils disappear, leaving your face clean and presentable but also, they can be used without smudging make-up or leaving behind unwanted residue. Powdered blotting tissues are used and known for their ability to absorb excess oil without drying out the skin.

The small convenient size allows you to take these powdered blotting tissues with you no matter where you go. Be sure to keep one in your purse or in your vehicle’s glove compartment. Sweep away excess oil with Miss Kingsley Powdered Blotting Tissues and keep skin looking petal-fresh all day long; the perfect solution for the woman on the go!

Each package of powdered blotting tissues has approximately 65 tissues per booklet.

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