New Mother Emily with Infant Daughter Winnie


New Mother Emily with infant daughter Winnie is a thoughtful gift for anyone that has a daughter. Whether it is given to celebrate the newest member of the family or as a remembrance of an older child, these adorable members of our Country Mouse Collection are sure to be a hit!

Created from felted wool and standing so proudly, new mother Emily holds out her new swaddled daughter, for everyone to see. Whether she is placed on a table or shelf, new mother Emily exemplifies the love a mom has for her daughter, no matter how old she is!

Be sure to collect all members of our Country Mouse Collection.

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New mother Emily, with her infant daughter Winnie, captures the love and pride a mother has for her child! This charming mouse duo makes a lovely way to celebrate the daughter in your life!

Created from felted wool, Emily has beaded eyes with an adjustable wired tail that helps keep her upright. New mother Emily wears an adorable gray fleece top while infant Winnie is swaddled close to her mom, in a cozy pink blanket. As members of our Country Mouse Collection, these sweethearts make a thoughtful gift for any mother.

Be sure to collect all members of our Country Mouse Collection. These adorable creatures are not only a fun addition to any home but also are a wonderful reminder of special lifetime occasions and holidays! Unique and thoughtful; start your collection today!

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