Orange Marmalade


Whether you have it with breakfast on muffins, scones or toast or opt to pair it with poultry and create something different for dinner, our all-natural orange marmalade is a winner on all fronts!

Sweet yet tangy, our orange marmalade is sure to tickle your taste buds! Chock full of tender orange peel and created from pure sweet orange juice, you cannot have a better choice!

For the holidays, try heating some in a saucepan, add maple syrup and serve with gingerbread pancakes!  No pantry should be without at least one jar!

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If you want your orange marmalade to have a rich and sweet orange flavor, then you will go crazy over ours! Made from pure sweet orange juice and packed with tender, delicious orange peel, this orange marmalade is sure to ‘hook’ you with just one bite.
It has so many uses too. Whether you prefer to spread it on toast, muffins, scones or bread or decide to use it on chicken, it is sure to please. I have even used it in my recipe for Teriyaki chicken wings. The feedback that I get, whenever I bring them to a party or gathering, is beyond complimentary!

An amusing thought…have you ever wondered….


Legend has it that Marie Antoinette awoke one morning with a headache. Her chef, on being told that “Marie est malade”(Marie is sick) concocted a bitter conserve of oranges and sugar to tempt her appetite – hence “marmalade”.
Marmalade is not strictly a jam, but a kind of jelly. Jams are made with just fruit and sugar; jellies and marmalades are made with fruit, sugar and a fair quantity of added water. The high pectin content of the fruits used in jellies (for example, apple and quince) and marmalades (usually citrus) means that the larger amount of liquid will still gel to form the jelly.
The difference between a marmalade and a jelly is that the pulp is strained out of a jelly, and left in a marmalade.


Our orange marmalade is made from sugar, pure orange juice, orange peels, fruit acid (citric). No preservatives; refrigerate after opening.

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