Parmesan Garlic Scone Mix


If you want the perfect compliment to any soup, chowder or stew, you will definitely want to try some Parmesan Garlic Scones! Just add an egg, butter and milk to the mix and bake, and you’re on your way to a fresh oven delight!

They disappear very quickly so make sure to get yours fast! Great with Italian dishes too!

Serve  with your favorite salad too!
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This parmesan garlic scone is a delicious compliment to any Italian themed supper. When you dab them in the tomato sauce, it is heavenly!

They are also a wonderful option when serving soups or stews. There are some, however, who prefer to make a nice fresh salad, with all the mixings, and have these scones instead of a traditional bread. There is nothing more mouth-watering than when you serve these scones warm with melted butter dripping off of them!

Parmesan Garlic Supper Scone Mix is perfect for anyone that enjoys freshly baked treats but does not have a lot of time. The ingredients needed to make them are pantry staples so they could be whipped up at any time.

Years ago scones began as a Scottish quick bread. Originally they were made with oats and prepared on the griddle. Today’s version, however, is more often made with flour and baked in the oven. Some say the word “Skone” originated from the Dutch word ‘schoonbrot’, which means beautiful bread, while others argue it comes from Stone of Destiny, where the Kings of Scotland were crowned. Scones originated in Scotland in the early 1500s as stated by Webster’s Dictionary..

Scones became popular in England when when Anna, the Duchess of Bedford (1788 – 1861), ordered the servants, one afternoon, to serve tea with some type of sweet bread, which included some scones. Never having had them before, she was delighted by them and began requesting them every afternoon with her tea. Today this English tradition or ‘Afternoon Tea Time’, which is at exactly at 4:00 p.m., is still practiced. Scones continue to be served with the traditional clotted cream topping in Britain.

Ingredients in this Parmesan Garlic Scone Mix:  Malted barley flour, enriched bleach wheat flour,  parmesan cheese, baking powder, garlic, salt.  New wt 10 oz.

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