Peace and Blessings Dish Towel


This Peace and Blessings dish towel makes a nice reminder of what we hope for at Christmas! The gifts of peace, love, goodwill to all, are the ultimate blessings.

This generously sized cotton dish towel adds a festive touch to any kitchen. The tree design, along with the contrasting white snowflakes throughout, create a charming look.

Whether you decide to just display it or put it to use during the holidays, it is a great way to add to your holiday decor! Nice as a Yankee Swap gift or perfect for a stocking stuffer too!



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This Peace and Blessings dish towel is a great reminder of the things that we hope for at Christmas time! The things that universally, would make the world a better place. Imagine if there were universal peace and goodwill, how wonderful things would be?

Peace and Blessings dish towel is a nice reminder of this and is perfect for displaying in your kitchen. The festive red color of the towel, along with the snowflake design throughout, only add to its charm.

This festive and generously sized dish towel can be used to line a bread basket when serving your favorite Christmas cookies, sliced bread, muffins, scones or rolls. Great idea: To keep bread or muffins warm longer, pick up one of our bread warmers. Place it in the basket prior to filling. The heat of the bun warmer radiates the warmth and keeps your baked goods warm and delicious even longer!

When you are doing your holiday baking, use the towel to cover breads and pies once they are put out on to the cooling rack. By draping the towel over the bread or pie, it will keep it from cooling down too fast. It helps keep it from drying out too.

Personally I love the large cotton dish towels because they’re more versatile. In my house we have a lot of dinner dishes. Therefore, we require a good sized dish towel when doing the nightly clean up. The cotton is nice to work with too! You don’t need to worry about a lot of lint, like you do with some dish towels. There is nothing more annoying than having dinner glasses covered with lint!

This Peace and Blessings dish towel measures 28″ x 28″ and is completely machine washable.

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