Peacock Feather


Our “home grown” peacock  feathers are a beautiful way to remember your visit! A little bit of Dalby charm from our farm that you can take home! (For local pickup orders / Family Animal Encounter visits only). Kids LOVE them!

3 different kinds to choose from:

Eye Feathers come in different lengths (length ranges from short to very long) but all feature the iconic “eye”.

V Feathers are long and form a “V” shape at the end.

Taper Feathers are generally the longest, and have a “mane” of feathers along the top vs. the V or eye shape.

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We cannot ship this item. It is for local pickup orders only. We will automatically process a refund if they appear on shipped orders.

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Feather Type:

Eye ($2), V ($1.50), Taper ($1.50)

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