Pickled Beet Balls


Bursting with antioxidants, our pickled beet balls are a delicious and healthy addition to any salad or meal. These sweet, little bite-sized delights are like ‘nature’s candy’ and once you have tasted one, be careful because you are going to want more, for sure! A perfect, guilt free snack!

Just like grandma used to make but without all the work! Be sure to keep a few jars on hand.

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Pickled Beet Balls are a guilt-free, healthy snack!

If you like beets then you will want to try these sweet and delicious pickled beet balls! As tender as if they were freshly picked from your garden and perfectly sized, these pickled beets are a healthy addition to any salad or meal.

Bring a jar with you when you go to work for a quick snack, or pack one as part of a picnic lunch….they are so tasty that you will be tempted to eat the entire jar! No worries though, because these pickled beet balls are good for you, so feel free to indulge! A no guilt snack that you are sure to enjoy bite after bite!

Pickled Red Beet Balls, packed in 16 oz. glass jars! Ingredients:  Red beets,  sugar, water, vinegar and salt. Contains no artificial colors! All natural; no preservatives. Refrigerate after opening.

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