Popcorn and Chestnut Garland


If you love the look of a traditional Christmas tree, then you will love our popcorn and chestnut garland. Stringing popcorn for the tree is a fun activity but it tends to break easily and therefore, doesn’t last long. Making holes in the chestnuts for the string, can be a difficult task too.

Our faux popcorn and chestnut garland is the perfect solution to attaining the look you want without the work! So realistic looking, no one but you, will ever know that you didn’t spend hours creating it!

No more having to re-string your garland year after year…Be sure to pick up a few garlands today!

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If you like tradition then there is nothing like having popcorn and chestnut garland decorating your Christmas tree! Stringing popcorn garland is a fun activity but it is very brittle and ultimately does not last very long. Aside from being a fun activity, it does take an investment of time if you were to do it every year. If you love the look of popcorn and chestnut garland, but really don’t have the time to do it over and over, then you will love our faux popcorn and chestnut garland!

Each popcorn and chestnut garland is approximately 72″ long.

Decorating a Christmas tree usually involves spools of electric Christmas lights, store-bought and homemade ornaments, with a star or angel resting at the top. Yet these traditions are a result of modern conveniences. When Christmas Trees first rose to prominence in the United States, they were often decorated with fruits and other items. From this, a tradition of stringing popcorn and cranberries into a garland that wrapped around the tree was born.

How did popcorn end up on our Christmas trees? While its origins are not completely known, the art of stringing popcorn on a tree most likely came from the fact that when Christmas trees first became widespread, people didn’’t have much to decorate them with. They borrowed from the German tradition of putting fruit on the trees and because cranberries are harvested through November, it’s most likely that they were strung with popcorn as they were still in season.**


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