Punched Tin Mitten Ornament


I have always been drawn to punched tin so when I saw these ornaments , they were too cute to pass up! When hung on a Christmas tree, or added to a wreath or garland, these punched tin mitten ornaments add just the right touch to any country or primitive style decor.

There are so many ways you can use them too; aside from tree, wreath or garland decor, they are very cute when used to adorn a gift or baked items. Just attach one next to a bow on any tray of cookies, for example, (for a cute idea, use a mitten cookie cutter and snowflake ribbon) and you not only have made a delicious gift but also the recipient will have a tree ornament that they can use year after year!

Complete the look and pair these punched tin mitten ornaments with our punched tin mini graters!


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These little punched tin mitten ornaments are the cutest little things! Adorned with a piece of homespun fabric and hanging by jute, our punched tin mitten ornaments look great on any Christmas tree!  I have always loved the look of punched tin so when I saw these ornaments, I had to get them! Not only do I have one hanging on my tree but also, I made an adorable garland to hang on the front of my fireplace. I used a long piece of thick jute roping (about 1/4-1/2 inch thick) for the garland (you can measure how long you need it and then just add enough length so that you can loop it at each end so you can hang it) and then I adorned it with several of the punched tin mitten ornaments, primitive style mini Christmas stockings and jingle bells. Every few inches, I tied a piece of homespun fabric on to the garland to give it some holiday color. I looped the ends of the garland and hung it below my mantle. It looked awesome! Of course you can use whatever embellishments you wish but the punched tin ornaments are especially cute and give it a nice country look!

To create a country looking  Christmas tree, pair this punched tin mitten ornament with our mini grater ornament.

Each punched tin mitten ornament measures approximately 2.75 inches in widel by 3.50 inches high (to top of handle).

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Dimensions 2.75 × .0625 × 3.5 in

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