Red and White Knit Mitten Garland


The holidays are always a time when you want to make your home feel extra warm and cozy. Finding those special decorations that will add that individual touch are so important.

Living on a farm, I love a country feel to my holiday decor. This charming knit mitten garland is a delightful way to decorate your home for the holidays. Because mittens are a universal item during the winter, this mitten garland would fit with country or even modern decor. Whether you hang it along your mantle, over a picture window or even an archway, it is sure to add a festive touch no matter where it is placed.



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This adorable mitten garland is sure to create a warm festive touch to any home! Use it during the holiday season or leave it up all winter, because it is a mitten garland, you can do that!

I hang my mitten garland along my fireplace and I leave it there until the end of February. I decorate my mantle with white ‘snow’ and tiny white twinkle lights with various vintage snowmen placed all through it. At Christmas I pepper in some small Christmas bristle trees to give it a festive touch. The cute little mittens hung along the front of my mantle go perfectly with the snowman theme and add a special touch to my fireplace area! The mittens fit perfectly with the snowman theme. After Christmas I remove the Christmas trees and leave the mantle and garland set up until the end of February. I love having the cozy white twinkle lights shining brightly, throughout the otherwise dark winter evenings

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