Red, Green, White and Gold Shimmering Garland


This festive red, green, white and gold shimmering garland will add cheer to any home! The generous length of 9 feet, allows it to be hung, draped or placed in an array of places. Whether you choose to hang your garland on your tree or drape it on your mantle, it will glisten anywhere it is placed!

The reflective nature of the ornament like balls which make up the garland, will add to the holiday ambiance and when the shimmering garland is placed near twinkle lights, it will remind you of a nostalgic, holiday scene from long ago!

A great addition to your holiday decor; grab a string or two today!

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If you like things that are bright and shiny, that shimmer in the lights, then this red, green, white and gold garland is for you!

This festive shimmering  garland is approximately 9′ in length, and no doubt will catch the attention of anyone that sees it! With such a generous length, it can be hung or draped in a multitude of places. Whether you drape it on your mantle, hang it over an arch way or arrange it on your tree, you can’t go wrong.

When in combination with holiday lights, this holiday garland is reflective so a nice warm glow is created as it glistens, when the lights are low. I place 3 shimmering garlands on my Christmas tree and they give it an almost nostalgic look. Our farm house has a vintage, country feel to the decor so the retro look of the shimmering garland is perfect for us!

Another nice way of using the shimmering garland is to arrange it on your mantle. Whether you use live greens or silk ones, if you place twinkle lights amongst the greens and then nestle the shimmering garland throughout the greens, you will create a beautiful display as each of the strands glisten in the light. I have a Santa collection, so I pepper different Santas along the mantle; each Santa has a different look and personality so by doing this, I believe it completes the festive look of the mantle. In my opinion, no mantle should be left without decor during the holidays. It is truly amazing how much nicer the room looks with a tastefully decorated mantle!

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