Repurposed Water Bottle Dog Sock Toy


I don’t know about your dog, but ours loves to play! Quite often those stuffed toys that we have given her, don’t last any time, before she has ripped and chewed them, leaving fluff and fur all over the place!

This dog sock toy is a simple, yet fun treat for your pup! To use, simply fill with an empty plastic water bottle and knot off at the end to make a delightful treat for your favorite canine. Our dog especially loves the crinkling sound it makes as she chews and the size is perfect for her to run and fetch. It is made from the same materials as our socks too, so  they’re naturally attracted to it!! Finally no more missing socks!! HaHa

I really love that an old water bottle is used as part of this toy…recycle and reuse is our farm mantra! A fun way to play fetch and have some light play, while being environmentally responsible. (Every little bit counts!). Make your dog’s day and order one today!


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A soft, patterned dog sock toy featuring a cotton, nylon, and spandex blend (just like our socks!) and an “All You Need Is Love & A Toy”.

It is so much fun playing with our dog! She gets so excited when I show her the dog sock toy. Immediately she realizes what I have and rushes over to the door. When we go outside, she anxiously awaits for me, wondering which direction I will be throwing the dog sock toy! Quite often, I will pretend to throw it in one direction, and then she immediately starts to take off When she realizes I never let go of it, however, she stops in her tracks!  When I do finally throw it, she quickly runs over to fetch it and then prances around so proudly, knowing that she has it and I don’t.

As she approaches me with the dog sock toy, she has a playful growl and purposely prevents me from taking it from her. After some time of her playing hard to get, she approaches me and finally drops the toy hoping to start the routine all over again! You can tell that she is having fun because you can almost see the smile on her face as she prances around.

This dog toy is a great way to enrich your dog’s life and also to spend some quality time with your favorite canine. Our toys are intended for fetching, chewing, etc., and not meant for rough play.

 The dog sock toy measures approximately 3.25″ x 13″ and is made from cotton, nylon, spandex.
SHOP FOR A CAUSE! Every purchase you make helps us! Revenues generated by your purchase helps with the cost of the upkeep of the rare farm animals living at Dalby Farm. These animals are considered to be ‘Ambassadors’ of their breeds. They are a critical part of the children’s educational programs offered at Dalby Farm. For more information visit

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