Retro Trick or Treat Bag


If you have trick or treaters in your house, then you need these retro-style trick or treat bags! The nylon and recycled materials make this bag not only heavy duty but also waterproof.

The charming vintage style design, is sure to invoke a sense of nostalgia for anyone old enough to remember the original ones. When I was a kid, I remember having bags almost exactly like these except they were paper. Unfortunately, we would only get one Halloween out of them because the weight of the halloween candy would inevitably tear them.

Pick up a few bags for your kids or grandkids; I am sure they’ll look forward to using them every Halloween as much as I did when I was a child, except they won’t need to worry about their ‘loot’ breaking through the bag!!

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A retro-Halloween style tote bag with “Trick Or Treat”  on the front and costume characters, haunted house, and witch design with black cat, haunted house, moon, and bat designs on the back.

Each trick or treat bag is a combination of nylon and recycled materials so it is strong and waterproof too! In addition, it has dual nylon hand straps so as the weight of the candy increases, there will be no worry of your child’s  ‘loot’ breaking through the bag!

A fun accessory and a unique way to complete your Halloween costume! The days of using old pillow cases as your trick or treat bag are gone forever with these festive retro style bags!

Dimensions:8.75″ x 10.25″ x 4.75″
Material: Recycled Material, Nylon

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