Ruby’s Candy Cane


Ruby, with her sweet candy cane, is one of the newer members of our Country Mouse Collection. Her adorable face and big round mouse ears adds charm and almost gives her a look of determination. The festive red and white candy cane, along with her fancy red jacket and knit green scarf, makes it clear that she is ready to celebrate the holidays!

Crafted from felted wool, this little darling would make a nice addition to any seasonal decor. Whether you stand her alone or create a grouping with some of the other members from our Country Mouse Collection, you can’t go wrong!

Ruby and her candy cane is the perfect way to start a new tradition and begin your  Country Mouse Collection! Great gift idea for anyone that loves mice or enjoys collecting!

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Ruby’s Candy Cane is the perfect way to start your collection of Country Mice! Her sweet expression, coupled with her adorable attire and big red and white candy cane, makes it clear why she is part of our Country Mouse Collection.

Both Ruby and her candy cane are made of felted wool. Her little red jacket is felt and her green scarf is knitted.

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