Rustic Spring Chick


On the farm, you cannot say it is spring unless you have a 'spring hatch'! Although this adorable little rustic spring chick never officially 'hatched', they are a wonderful way to celebrate new beginnings and the arrival of spring! Perfect as part of an Easter display or afterwards,  group a couple together and create your own little 'brood'!

A fun gift for any chicken enthusiast.

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Our rustic spring chick is a wonderful way to celebrate spring and new beginnings!

Every spring we have baby chicks around the farm. We sell fresh eggs to help defray the cost of grain etc. so it is important to always have young layer hens coming along.
No matter what the breed of chicken, however, chicks are always popular when visitors come to the farm. The position this rustic spring chick is standing reminds me of how actual chicks study the ground as they’re learning how to forage and peck at the ground.

I have a couple of these guys that I use as part of my Easter display and then once the holiday is over, I keep them in my bay window standing next to some of my house plants.

Adorable, vintage looking rustic spring chick made of resin with adjustable wire feet stand approximately 3″ tall.

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