Sea Wool Sponge 5-6 inch


Used since ancient times, the superiority of the natural Sea Wool Sponge is unmatched.  Sea sponges are highly absorbent, create a luxurious lather, are softly textured, and are suitable for the most sensitive of skin. Natural sponges are more durable and last longer than synthetic sponges because they are more resistant to abrasion. If you are looking for a sponge that is as soft as silk when wet, and if you are are trying to make every effort to put only what is safe and natural on your body, then you will want this 100% sustainable, premium Sea Wool Sponge!
Did you know that our skin is our body's largest organ? Whatever touches it, or is put on it, can be absorbed through our skin. As a result, we need to be careful what we use; one very important thing, often overlooked, is your sponge.
Synthetic sponges are made with toxic chemicals and are saturated with harmful disinfectants whereas Sea wool sponges naturally prevent bacteria, mold and mildew.
Get back to nature and get a deep sea wool sponge for your next bath or shower! Pair one with some of our all natural goat milk soaps and lotions, for a healthy body care trio!
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This Premium Sea Wool Sponge is well-suited as a member of our Spa Collection.  This is a 5″-6″ first-rate Sea Wool sponge cut straight from the Gulf of Mexico and Florida.  They’re excellent for face and bath, and are soft as silk when wet. There is no finer sponge than deep sea wool!

Synthetic sponges are made with toxic chemicals and are saturated with harmful disinfectants containing triclosan whereas Sea wool sponges naturally prevent bacteria, mold and mildew. Triclosan is a pesticide used in many household items as it kills bacteria on contact. It is also worrisome because triclosan produces chloroform gas when it is mixed with chlorine from tap water.*

They have been known to last as long as 8 years!  Synthetic sponges will only last a very short time before they start falling apart and getting covered with mildew and bacteria. In addition, natural sea sponges are better for bathing and cleaning because they soak up and hold more water without dripping.
Natural sea sponges actually have enzymes in them that inhibit the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria.  Yet, they are toxin-free and hypo-allergenic.  Sea sponges are self-cleaning through their intricate system of canals. Therefore they wash out more quickly and easily, and will not retain objectionable odors. They are softer, clean better and will not peel like synthetic sponges while being used. Sea sponges offer a safe alternative for washing your child, while surpassing the quality of man-made substitutes.

What is the best way to care for my sea wool sponge?  Use it! Sea wool sponges naturally inhibits bacteria growth, and rarely will mildew in normal situations.  Proper care for a sea wool sponge can allow that sponge to last years.  Best thing to do is wring it out gently of most of the water, and set it up to dry, not laying in any sitting water.  The sponge will simply dry and be ready for the next use.  To “clean”, just get it soapy with soap and water, rinse it out, and its clean! Simple as that! NEVER use any bleach based products on your sponge, they will fall apart.

Does harvesting the sponge kill it?  Actually, sponge divers are very “GREEN”.  When a sponge is harvested it is not taken entirely.  The Sea Sponge is a renewable natural resource. The divers want that sponge to live, so while harvesting, they are careful to ensure that the base of the sea sponge remains intact.  This puts into motion its natural reproduction.  The sponge then will re-grow within a few years, often bigger and healthier than its original state. Studies show that areas harvested actually increase the population density of sponges. So you can enjoy your gorgeous sponge with a good conscience, because this green harvesting method both helps the divers, and nature!

Health Benefits of using all-natural skin care products:

Beyond the fact that skin can absorb chemicals is the danger those chemicals pose in the body. Many experts agree that absorption through the skin is more dangerous than through the mouth. Substances absorbed into the digestive system go through the kidneys and the liver whereas enzymes break them down and often detoxify them, whereas substances absorbed through the skin go through no such process. “Chemicals taken in by the mouth are absorbed by the intestines and pass into venous blood, which is taken to the liver,” Epstein says. “Carcinogens absorbed through the skin bypass the liver and enter blood circulation without this protection.”

(Source: Cincovidas.comtoxic-alert-skin-can-absorb-what-we-apply-to-it—including-cosmetic-chemicals/)



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