Seasonal Goat Milk Bath Bombs in 6 Festive Scents!


If you want to get into a tub of Holiday spirit, this bath bomb is for you! Simply fill your tub and drop the bath bomb in, and you will see the gentle fizzing of the bomb as it emits an aroma that is sure to relax you, making your bathing experience a delightful one!

Quite often, bath bombs can be harsh on sensitive skin. Our bombs are made with goat milk so they will actually moisturize as you soak!

Our holiday goat milk bath bombs come in 6 fun and delicious aromas: Deck the Halls/Evergreen, Snow Drift/Spearmint, Stocking Stuffer Fun/Bubble Gum, Santa’s Delight/Cranberry Fig, Candy Cane/Peppermint, Winter Relief/Eucalyptus.

No matter which scent you choose, you can’t go wrong! A great stocking stuffer!

Kids love them too!!


Add some fizz to your next bath or hot tub with these seasonal goat milk bath bombs!

If you like to relax in a nice hot tub, while soothing and moisturizing your skin, you will want to try our new holiday scented bath bombs!

The pleasant scents of the seasonal bath bombs will relax you as you bathe and create the ultimate bathing experience! Kids enjoy them too!

Available in 6 festive and delightful scents: Deck the Halls/Evergreen, Snow Drift/Spearmint, Candy Cane/Peppermint, Stocking Stuffer Fun/Bubble Gum, Santa’s Delight/Cranberry Fig, Winter Relief/Eucalyptus!

Seasonal goat milk bath bombs are made from baking soda, citric acid, goat milk, corn starch, sunflower seed oil, essential oils. Each bomb is approximately 5 oz.

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