“Seeds of Good Fortune” Bird Treats


Start a tradition with “Seeds of Good Fortune” bird treats! The people of Scandinavia traditionally feed the birds on Christmas Day to ensure good luck throughout the coming year. Spread this 1.7 oz. bag of “Seeds of Good Fortune” bird treats on your door step first thing Christmas Morning. Not only will you help out the wild birds but also, who doesn’t want good luck in the New Year?

Seeds of good fortune are a thoughtful holiday package embellishment….a fun stocking stuffer too! Add a few bags to your order!

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Especially when my children were young, I always enjoyed beginning family traditions, no matter how small, that one day they could carry on with their children.

Years ago, someone presented me with a tiny little bag of ‘Seeds of Good Fortune’ Bird Treats (a bird lover, no doubt), with the hope that we would adopt the tradition, just as they had, so many years before. Every Christmas morning the children would awake, to each find a bag of ‘Seeds of Good Fortune” Bird Treats in their Christmas stocking. No matter how many years had passed, their excitement to find the best place to spread them, never wained. Today, Santa still puts these tiny little bags in their stockings, despite the fact that they are now adults.’Seeds of Good Fortune” Bird Treats are not only a fun tradition but also they are nice treat for the wild birds, especially in regions where winter can be harsh and every little bit of food for them may make their life a little easier! Besides, who doesn’t want to have good luck?

The seeds of good fortune bird treats come in a zip lock pouch weighing approximately 2.0 oz.

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