September Special: 15 min. Farm Photo Session & 30 min. Semi-private Family Animal Encounter

Sold Out! THANK YOU!

I think we can all agree 2020 will be a year to remember, in more ways than one! We have partnered with the wonderful Lauren Cole from Lauren Cole Imagery after we all agreed families should have a unique way to look back happily on these strange and difficult times!
Support two small businesses and create a memory that will last a lifetime.

Farm Photo Visits & Animal Enounter!
Saturday, September 19th & Saturday, September 26th
*Rain date is the following Sunday, same times apply.

(Dalby Farm is located on Grove Street in Scituate, MA)

Our September special includes (for your group of 6 people or less):

15 minute mini photo session with Lauren on the farm: Includes 3 professionally edited digital images.  Choose from a couple “Country Farm” settings for posed portraits and take some animal candids.  You will receive a link to view your photos (approx. one week turnaround time) and will be able to choose which 3 to download. Lauren will give you an opportunity to purchase prints or more photos for an added fee.
Lauren will be wearing a mask and will keep safe distance the entire time. No close contact will be possible or necessary. 

– 30 minute (**semi-private) Family Animal Encounter: After your photos, you may browse the farm for 30 minutes. This is in the format of our current Animal Encounter offering, and all the same conditions/guidelines apply. You will be able to feed some of the animals and will receive a coloring page for each child at the end.

**We anticipate each family could share at least 15 minutes of their animal encounter with a second group somewhere on the property. Each visit will be staggered to allow time for photos first, followed by the animal visit. There won’t be more than two groups on the farm at one time.
There is plenty of room for both groups to move around safely. We’ve been running semi-private visits all Summer without issue. We do not require everyone to keep their masks on as long as they respect each groups space / keep social distance. Please have your mask on as you arrive & leave the property or if you end up coming less than 6′ within us or another visitor.

Please note the following:

*The 9/26 Rain date is currently Sunday, September 27th, same times apply.

-Once paid, you have up to 5 days (Monday) before your photo visit to cancel for a full refund. After that time we can only offer a refund if we are able to fill your spot.

-Please respect the time limitations. Arrive 5-10 minutes early (please park along the street and wait in your car) to ensure you don’t lose any of your allotted time. You may start coming up the driveway 2-3 minutes prior to the official start of your photo visit. Someone will be waiting to check you in.  Any tardiness will result in a shorter animal visit after your photos. See our note about parking below.

-Please keep track of the time during your animal visit. It will hopefully be a very busy day for all of us here at the farm. A member of our family will remind you when its time to leave if necessary but we appreciate your attentiveness to when your visit is coming to an end so we may keep everything running smoothly.

-We will enforce the maximum number (6) of people per group. If you have a special circumstance or request, we ask you contact us ( / 781-545-4952) to discuss prior to checking out.

-If you’d like to make a purchase from our country store, please try to order online ahead of time. We aim to limit the number of people in our small shop. By ordering ahead (and selecting local pickup), we can have everything ready for you on your way out.

By completing this purchase you agree to all of the terms we have outlined above and below specific to these photo visits.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.



Important additional information:

– Please, NO pets/dogs. We cannot run the risk of stressing out our animals, or having free roaming chickens be chased etc. Thanks for your understanding.

All parking is street parking. We are a residence with a shared driveway, please do not block either drive and park thoughtfully on the “Dalby side” of the street. Aim for one car per group please, as to avoid forcing the next group to park further away. If you need accessible parking, please let us know and we will arrange a spot for you up top. Please arrive 5-10 minutes early so you can be parked, avoid the group that’s leaving, and have time to walk up to the farm without being flustered before your photos!

-Where this is a new offering, please be slightly flexible. We are going to do everything we can to keep things tightly on schedule but we ask you be prepared for the possibility that things may run a minute or two behind schedule. Your patience is appreciated!

We will not have a bathroom / port-a-potty on the property for visitor use.

Remember, you’re coming to a farm 🙂 We want you to feel good and look great but don’t wear anything you aren’t prepared to possibly see get dirty after your animal visit. We do not have facilities or time allotted to offer outfit changes.

-Do not come if you or a member of your family has a fever or is showing symptoms of illness.

-Please do not feed the animals anything unless we have given you feed for them. Please do not stick hands into pens and cages. Please use common sense. Please avoid using hand sanitizer until you are done feeding the animals so they don’t ingest any of it off of their food.

-We will be observing all state guidance as it pertains to COVID-19. We ask that you wear your mask when you come close to us or another visiting family and avoid unnecessary contact with items on the property. Please be respectful of the other family on the property as they have their photos/animal visit and understand they may require as much distance as possible for personal health reasons.

By completing this purchase you agree to all of the terms we have outlined above specific to these photo visits.


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