Sofia’s Valentine


Tell the special one in your life ‘I Love You’ when you give them Sofia’s Valentine. As a member of our Country Mouse Collection, this little cutie couldn’t be more charming as she offers her ‘heart’ to her beloved.
Crafted from all-natural wool, and standing approximately 3 3/4 inches tall, Sofia makes a unique and thoughtful gift for your Valentine!

Commemorate other holidays and life events and collect other members of the Country Mouse Collection; they make a fun way to celebrate the events in your life and are a nice addition to any home decor!


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This Valentine’s Day, celebrate and show your love with Sofia’s Valentine. Little Sofia, so cute and shy, offers her heart to her Valentine. Without hesitation, she holds out her heart in front of the world. Whoever receives this precious little mouse will have no doubts, with regards to who your heart belong to!

Like all of the members of our Country Mouse Collection, Sophia is unique, with a personality of her own; she makes the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day.
To add a festive feel to your home decor, place Sophia on a table or shelf for everyone to see! You will be surprised at the comments you will receive. Her wired tail allows you to position her as you wish.

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