A Spoiled Cat Wall Hanging


Anyone that has a cat, knows how easy it is to become 'enslaved' to them! 'Ellie Mae' our farm cat, is the queen of the house; she has toys everywhere, demands her afternoon treats and literally, wants for nothing! It always amazes me how everyone will stop, no matter what they are doing, to either coax her to sit on their lap or to pet her, as she saunters by! Even the dog craves her attention! I suppose you could say that Ellie Mae is spoiled, but not in a bad way. Every animal deserves to be spoiled, after all, providing them with comfort and joy, really, is the only way of communicating our love to them.

Take pride in your 'spoiled cat' because it is an indication that you are a great pet owner!

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This Spoiled Rotten Cat wall hanging has an embroidered fabric design placed under glass in a distressed black wood frame; measures 8X6″.  Back of frame is finished with brown paper and comes with a saw tooth hanger.

This spoiled cat wall hanging is the perfect gift for anyone that loves cats! As a cat lover, I have to admit that there is a lot of truth to this sign. Our cat, Ellie Mae, rules the house so any time I have visitors, the spoiled cat wall hanging lets them know right away, who is the boss!  Our cat wall hanging is on the wall near the back door; it is amazing how many comments people make about it!

This ‘spoiled cat wall hanging’ looks great anywhere too! The gingham check, coupled with the embroidered fabric design, creates a country look which will compliment any decor.

Every purchase helps! Revenues generated by your purchase helps with the cost of the upkeep of the rare farm animals living at Dalby Farm. These animals are considered to be ‘Ambassadors’ of their breeds and are a critical part of the educational programs offered at Dalby Farm. For more information visit www.dalbyfarm.com.


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