Sriracha Salt Seasoning


Everyone in my family loves spicy food. When we discovered Sriracha sauce, you would have thought they all died and went to heaven! Since then, we have found other variations of Sriracha and have somehow ended up with most of them.

Recently, in attempts of presenting one more option, I discovered Sriracha Salt for them to try! Needless to say, they could not get enough of it. Whether they put it on potatoes, popcorn, sliced tomatoes or even macaroni and cheese, they can’t stop raving about it!

The one thing to keep in mind, however, for both the salt and the Sriracha, a little goes a long way so, don’t add too much too soon! Add it gradually, to taste. Another fun option for anyone that loves spicy or Sriracha!

Your margarita will never be the same, after using this salt to rim the glass!!

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If you like to try different things, Sriracha Salt is for you! Salty and spicy is the perfect pair especially when you sprinkle it on french fries, baked potato, macaroni and cheese or even turkey and chicken!  My friend even uses it for the salt ‘rim’ on her margarita glass! I am sure there are many other items that you can find a use for this delicious duo of flavors too.

Sriracha sauce gives the salt the spicy flavor so anyone that loves ‘heat’, will quickly become addicted; be aware though because when you begin using it, make sure you apply it in small increments because for both the spice and the salt, a little goes a long way! Yummy….

Makes a fun stocking stuffer or something different for the Easter basket too!

Ingredients: Sriracha sauce, kosher salt. Wt. 1.5 oz.

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