Strawberry Butter


If you love the taste of strawberries but cannot eat the jam because of the seeds, then you will love our strawberry butter! Rich and creamy, strawberry butter tastes as delicious as strawberry jam! Have it on toast, as a topping on waffles and pancakes or even in your next PB & J sandwich!

An all-natural treat for the strawberry lover in your life!


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Strawberry butter is a great alternative to strawberry jam. The smooth, rich and creamy taste of this all natural treat makes it worth keeping in your pantry. Some people do not eat strawberry jam because of the seeds; our strawberry butter does not have any seeds but it is as delicious as strawberry jam!

It is great to have on toast, waffles/pancakes or I love to eat it in PB&J sandwiches! The taste of this strawberry butter is so good that you might even be tempted to eat it right out of the jar! In fact, my husband can never pass by an open jar without taking a spoonful because he loves the authentic fruit taste!

Strawberry butter is made from strawberries, sugar, pectin, pure vanilla extract and fruit acid. NO PRESERVATIVES! Always refrigerate after opening. Our strawberry butter comes in a 16 oz. glass jar with a net weight of approximately 19 oz.

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