Summer Cottage Sign, Relax and Enjoy


Create a ‘cottage feel’ to any home with this  delightful Summer Cottage Sign. The softness of the light blue hues add warmth and cheer to any room and will look great in a summer cottage or, any where you want to promote the sign’s message ‘relax and enjoy’!

The crackled paint finish creates a distressed look which gives it a aged appearance so, no matter where it is hung, visitors will undoubtedly comment on its eye catching appeal.

Add some character to your home, porch or cottage with this unique and attractive sign!  Fun gift idea.

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Our Summer Cottage sign, ‘Relax and Enjoy’ is the perfect addition to your home decor!

Relax and enjoy is something everyone should do whenever possible. Our Summer cottage sign conveys this simple message, so that it is ever present in everyone’s mind. Whether you hang it in your house or in a cottage, this charming reminder will look great hanging anywhere!

A friend of mine decided to get one of these summer cottage signs for her porch. During the summer, her porch is her world! She didn’t have an actual summer cottage but decided that she would make her porch, her summer cottage. Friends, family and neighbors spent so much time on her porch just chatting, laughing and having summer meals, that she figured it ‘could’ be a cottage! Besides, with all the comfy furniture and ‘cottage feel’ decor, it basically had all the amenities of a cottage but without the hassle of traveling to one!

She proudly displays her summer cottage sign on the wall near the door, so anyone that enters the porch, will see it immediately. Even though she hangs her sign inside, because the summer cottage sign is made of wood and is durable, it can be displayed outside too!

If you are looking for an unusual and clever gift idea, this sign is perfect to inspire conversation; especially fun if it is intended to be hung somewhere other than a cottage!

This charming cottage sign has a light blue crackled paint finish that gives it a distressed look. Each sign measures approximately 15″ W by 10.25″ H and has a wire hanger on the back.

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