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I love to have a lot of wall hangings around my home;  usually I am drawn to vintage looking signs or pictures that would blend well with my country decor.  When I saw this sign, not only did the barn red color of the background immediately catch my eye but also, when I read it, I knew I had to have one!
The simple message it conveys is one that, in my opinion, everyone should live by! Perfect positive reinforcement  for homes with children or a nice way to remind everyone of the importance of 'thinking' before speaking!

A wonderful gift idea too.

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The Think sign is made of wood and measures approximately 9.5 inches wide by 12 inches high. It is barn red in color with cream colored writing. Although it is not, the front of the sign has a look that it is made from individual boards.

More people should ‘Think’ the way this sign advises. It is a nice reminder for people to ponder things a moment or two, before they speak. Anyone with children would benefit from a sign like this as it is a great way to teach them ways of being thoughtful and  kind. Whenever they follow the rules of the sign, you can be sure that they will be setting a good example for their peers too!

The barn red color goes nicely with most decor and the distressed look that it has, looks great with any country decor! No matter where you hang it, though, be sure that it is put in a place where everyone will see it! The more people that learn to ‘think’ before they speak, the nicer place our world will be.

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