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This tooth fairy pillow not only makes losing a tooth fun for your child but also documents it nicely too! On one side of this adorable tooth fairy pillow is a small pocket which can be used initially, to securely keep the tooth until the tooth fairy visits. After she takes the tooth, she can use the same pocket for the money that she leaves. On the other side of the pillow is a picture of the upper and lower jaw showing all baby teeth; next to each tooth is a line so that you can document the date that the child lost that specific tooth!

This is such a precious thing; I only wish I had a couple of these tooth fairy pillows, when my children were small. The idea that you can record the day that each tooth fell out is priceless and would be fun for children to reflect on later when they are older.

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Our tooth fairy pillow is made of a cotton muslin type material and filled with a polyester fiberfill. Use a permanent marker to date the loss of each tooth, on the line provided next to the tooth that was lost. On the other side of the tooth fairy pillow is a pocket for keeping the tooth ‘safe and secure’ until the fairy arrives. It is just the right size for her to put the money in after she takes the tooth.

This tooth fairy pillow will make losing teeth a fun event, for both children and adults. It also records an accurate overview of the whole process and is something that can be cherished and kept forever! I love the idea of this pillow; when my children were young we had tooth fairy pillows for each child. They were all sweet in their own little way, each had a little pocket for safe keeping of the tooth until the fairy arrived but none of them had the diagram of a child’s upper and lower jaws with a line next to each baby tooth to document the date that the tooth was lost! Such a clever idea; something that they will enjoy looking at when they are older and have children of their own.

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