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Do you want to ‘spread’ your love this Valentine’s Day?*  Our ‘Sweet Indulgence’  Valentine’s Jam Gift Crate* is just for you. Packaged with festive red, pink and white fill**  and adorned with a vintage-style Valentine’s note card for you to personalize, our reusable rustic pine crate makes the perfect display for our Valentine’s trio of specialty jams. Whether it is sweet ‘Strawberry’, luscious ‘Cherry’ or our decadent ‘Triple Crown’ (raspberries, cherries and strawberries), these tasty, all-natural preserves are sure to give pleasure with every bite!

Indulge that special person in your life and order one today!

*This item can be shipped. ** The Valentine ribbon/basket fill used to embellish the crate may vary.


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Want to give your sweetheart something different for Valentine’s Day this year? Sweet Indulgence Valentines Jam Gift Crate makes a great Valentine’s Day gift! This trio of all-natural preserves is sure to give them pleasure with every bite and will keep them smiling for much longer, than the life of a bouquet of flowers.

Whether they choose to indulge themselves with the jams on toast, scones, sandwiches or even as a filling for turnovers, this combination of flavors is sure to tickle their tastebuds with every bite!

Our  Strawberry Preserves are made with fresh ripened strawberries, sugar, pectin and citric acid; may contain seeds.  This sweet fruit preserve is a must for your pantry and is without doubt, an excellent choice for your next PB&J sandwich! One pint jar; net weight 20 oz.

Cherry Preserves are made with whole cherries, sugar, pectin, citric acid.  Deliciously sweet, this fruit spread will brighten any breakfast table. Use as a filling for turnovers or even pie! So tasty and flavorful, you will hate to finish the jar! One pint jar; net weight 20 oz.

Tripe Crown Preserves are made with strawberries, red raspberries, cherries, sugar, pectin and citric acid; may contain cherry pits. This combination of fruit brings old-fashioned flavor to a brand new level!  Each bite is bursting with flavor; each time you chew, the bouquet of flavors is sure to send your tastebuds into a frenzy!
One pint jar; net weight 20 oz.

All preserves in our Sweet Indulgence Valentines Jam gift crate are natural; they have no preservatives and should be refrigerated after opening. Each Valentines jam gift crate arrives in a sturdy pine crate which can be reused for storing or displaying items. The outside diameter of our reusable pine crate measures approximately 11″ x 9.5″x 3.75″.

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Weight 7.5 lbs
Dimensions 14.0 × 7.625 × 3.75 in

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