Vintage Fabric Flower Pin


Vintage fabric flower pins are one-of-a kind, hand crafted adornments that will beautify anything, no matter where they are put. Each flower pin is fashioned from a combination of vintage fabric, lace and/or buttons. Vintage fabric flower pins will look wonderful on your hat, the lapel of your coat or will add style to any purse or handbag

Enhance your wardrobe, create new looks and live in style with our vintage fabric flower pins! Great for women of all ages! Fun gift too.


These vintage fabric flower pins are one of a kind creations! Hand crafted from a combination of antique fabrics, buttons or lace, these vintage fabric flower pins look great on anything. Whether you put one on your hat, coat, sweater or even your purse, their classic style and uniqueness will certainly make a statement!

Each vintage fabric flower pin is made from either authentic antique fabric or has a genuine vintage button, or a combination of both. Many of these fabrics and button embelishments are decades old! These days you don’t find the quality or the variety of buttons and fabrics like they had in years past. The hard to find patterns that were used along with the quality of the fabric is part of what makes these pins so charming. They have a character of their own and due to their hand crafted nature, no two are alike.

The demand for vintage and heirloom products is on the rise. Set a trend and create new looks by adding some vintage fabric flower pins to your wardrobe.

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Style :(pictured left to right)

Off White / Earth tone floral, Rooster Button, Blue / Green with Red Button, Blue / Green / White with tiny Red button, Brown / Cream floral, Brown / Pink paisley, Rust / Earth tones paisley, Tan burlap, Light Blue and Gray, Beaded center with 2 leaves, Tangerine mix, Blue stripe combination, Cream with 1 leaf

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