Vintage Holiday Cookie Cutters-Mixed Set


If you are someone that enjoys antiques or vintage things, then you will love these cookie cutters! Tied together by a piece of festive homespun fabric, this set of 4 vintage holiday cookie cutters are perfect for making your next batch of holiday cookies.

The cutters could be aluminum Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter or even Halloween themed. Some could be copper colored and all Christmas while others could be a mix! No two sets are the same. Until you receive your set, you won’t know for sure; that is part of the fun!  Even though they have been used in the past, they still have many useful years ahead!

A fun stocking stuffer, Easter basket filler, Yankee swap gift or a just little something for the baker in your life. Treat yourself to a set and enjoy these unique and delightful finds!

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The minute I saw these vintage holiday cookie cutters, I knew we had to have them for the store! I adore anything vintage or antique! The different shapes and details on each of the cutters makes them so charming! They don’t make them like that any more. Even the quality of the vintage aluminum is far superior than what is out there today and even though they are used, they are sure to have many more years of cutting ahead!

These cookie cutters arrive to you tied together in random sets of 4 with a festive piece of homespun fabric. No two sets are the same. Some sets could be all Christmas themed cookie cutters while others may be a combination of a Thanksgiving turkey, a chick or maybe a Halloween witch, for example! Whereas there was such a variety, I thought it would be fun to mix it up so that each set is somewhat different from each other. In fact, whether they’re silver or copper colored, until your vintage holiday cookie cutters arrive, you won’t know which ones you will receive. I love all of them so in my opinion, no matter which ones you end up with, you can’t go wrong, especially for the price!

Whether you prefer baking sugar cookies, gingerbread or even shortbread, these vintage holiday cookie cutters will make your experience a fun one. People are sure to notice the delightful, nostalgic look of the cookies too!

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