Vintage Snowman Church Puzzle


This vintage snowman church puzzle is a wonderful way to keep children entertained! Whether you are in a restaurant, office waiting room or just wanting them to have some quiet time, these little brain teasers are great!

With different scenes on each side of the block, the player must arrange the proper side of the blocks to create a picture. Fortunately, for those that may be ‘puzzle challenged’, a paper with all 6 Santa illustrations is included in the bag.

A must for any purse or travel bag…Makes a unique and fun stocking stuffer!

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You may not have heard of a church puzzle…the tradition of these puzzles began in the rural immigrant churches of the Scottish settlers in southern York County Pennsylvania. They were used to occupy children during church. Originally they were handmade from discarded newspaper images and labels.

They grew in popularity to become more commercial versions, like our Vintage Snowman Church Puzzle. Each draw string bag has a six-in-one set, which includes 9 blocks that create 6 different puzzles with Santa illustrations.

Great entertainment for kids in restaurants, waiting rooms and helps build analytical skills too. A must for any purse or travel bag!

Our vintage-inspired Snowman Church Puzzle is a six-in-one set. It arrives in a drawstring bag which includes 9 blocks that create 6 different puzzles.

The approximate dimensions of the Snowman church puzzle is 2.50″ x 2.50″ x 0.75″. The puzzle pieces are made from wood and paper and the drawstring bag from fabric, metal and ribbon.
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