‘Wear the Love’ Valentines Heart Pin


These sweet Valentines heart pin is a Dalby Farm original design and is a fun and adorable way to ‘wear the love’ ! Whether you get one to present to that special person, or are lucky enough to receive one, either way, by wearing it everyone will know how much you, or the person you give it to, are loved!

Looks great pinned on your coat, your uniform or even on your purse! Should last for years and is sure to be a cherished reminder of you every Valentine’s Day, when it reemerges for the season! Several festive designs available but you will have to wait until you receive it, to know which one you will get!


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Our Valentines heart pin is the perfect trinket to give to the one you love! After all, who wouldn’t want to ‘wear the love’ that was bestowed upon them and show the world how much they are loved!

A sweet gift to a parent or grandparent, especially from a child. I plan to give each of my granddaughters a Valentine’s pin so that they can wear them on their winter coats! Everyone loves to be loved and this Valentine’s heart pin exemplifies just that!

Each festive pin is created/assembled at the farm so there are several combinations available. We cannot guarantee which one you will get but no matter what, you cannot go wrong!

Every Valentines heart pin is made from felt and foam hearts, with a metal pin on the back for attaching.

SHOP FOR A CAUSE! Your purchase helps us! Revenues generated by your purchase helps with the cost of the upkeep of the rare farm animals living at Dalby Farm. These animals are considered to be ‘Ambassadors’ of their breeds and are a critical part of the children’s educational programs offered at Dalby Farm. For more information visit www.dalbyfarm.com.

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