White Enamelware Popcorn Bowl


For anyone that enjoys eating popcorn, this bowl is for you! Charming, with plenty of room for popcorn, this white enamelware bowl is perfect for ‘movie night’ on the couch!

Very functional and makes a nice addition to any kitchen decor. Because its lightweight and unbreakable, its not only perfect for outside use but also, for the kids too!

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Although this white enamelware popcorn bowl may look like an antique, it is not!

It is light weight and is the perfect alternative to using heavy glass bowls when serving popcorn! Because it is shatterproof, it can be used outdoors too; whether you use it in the back yard at a party or the kids use it during a sleep over, this white enamelware popcorn bowl is a great addition to any home!

This enamelware bowl is 9.75″in diameter and is 5″ deep and would pair well with our vintage style hand held popcorn popper! This duo is perfect for camping, sitting in front of the fireplace or for power outages too.

Make every night, movie night with this white enamelware popcorn bowl.

White enamelware bowl with black writing on side; use it to create a ‘Movie Night’ or ‘Camping’ theme gift basket, makes the perfect ‘basket’!

Not oven or stove top safe. Hand wash only.

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Weight .78 lbs
Dimensions 9.75 × 9.75 × 5.0 in

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