Wooden Sewing Bobbin Candle Light


With the lamp base made from actual wooden sewing bobbins, these charming little lights add warmth and character to any home.

Get creative; you can surround your wooden sewing bobbin light with whatever you like…no matter what you use, though, anyone that visits you will surely want one!

Unique and charming gift idea! Perfect for the seamstress in your life!

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If you like country decor, you will love our wooden sewing bobbin candle light!

Created from an actual vintage bobbin and made in Vermont, each wooden sewing bobbin candle light is adorned with a charming fabric bow that is tied around it.

During different times of the year to enhance holiday decor, I change out what I display around the wooden sewing bobbin light. At Christmas time, I put miniature scented pine cone potpourri around its base. Halloween I use candy corn, Valentine’s Day, conversation heart candy and Easter, I use jelly beans, of course!

In the summer, I display my wooden sewing bobbin light on one of our white enamelware plates; sometimes, I put a medium sized mason jar cloche over it. Creates a soft light and is perfect for the porch. Looks great when candle base is surrounded with sand and mini shells too!

The fabric comes in red and white or green and white.  The wooden sewing bobbin candle light stands approximately 7″ high and has a 3″ diameter base.

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Weight 0.49 lbs
Dimensions 7.0 × 3.0 × 3.0 in

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