Wrench Bottle Opener


Is there a mechanic or plumber in your life? Our wrench bottle openers make a fun and unique gift that they will love!

Created from a re-purposed, actual wrench, these bottle openers can be taken anywhere. Slim and durable, they will slip into your pocket or you can keep one in the glove compartment.

A handyman’s dream and practical, for sure! Pick up a wrench bottle opener today…Whether at the work site or a super bowl game, they’re sure to be the hit of any gathering!

Ideal for Yankee Swaps, stocking stuffers or ‘just because’.

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Our wrench bottle opener is the perfect gift for mechanics, plumbers or anyone that enjoys tinkering around. Created from actual re-purposed wrenches, these bottle openers are durable so they are sure to ‘weather’ any super bowl party and will gain attention no matter who uses them! Get a wrench bottle opener for your car, summer home or to keep in your tool box. But pay attention to what you’re doing because you might find yourself trying to open bottles with other wrenches in your tool box!

Fun and unique, these wrench bottle openers make the perfect gift or stocking stuffer for anyone who is mechanically inclined.

Each wrench bottle opener measures 6 inches long and the handle is 1/2 inch wide. Made from drop forged metal.*

*The reason why manufacturers want you to know that a tool is drop forged is because this tells you something about the strength and durability of the tool. The other two ways to make a tool would be casting it from molten metal or machining it (cutting material away) from a larger block of metal. The advantage of forging is that it improves the strength of the metal so a forged part will normally be stronger than a casting or a machined piece.

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