Simple ways to relax

Simple Ways to Relax

As an adult, you may not always have all the time you used to when it comes to finding peace and quiet. That’s why it’s important to take a moment and think about ways you can incorporate some much needed downtime in your life so you can be at your best.

As someone who also faces the problem of making time for myself, I started looking for options that were actually realistic with my schedule. Some hobbies take up more time than I can reasonably expect to commit any given day or week. While those are still something I turn to when the time is right, the reality is I had to find quick ways to unwind. In some cases, you may be able to accomplish two things at once! It just takes some thought and imagination to make things go in your favor.

Here’s what helps me:


Gone are the days when I could sit in one place for hours on end enjoying a good book. It’s just not feasible when I have multiple jobs and various responsibilities calling me any given day. It was a game changer when I found It makes it easy for me to still get my literary fill without needing to sacrifice my usefulness.

Now, whenever I drive anywhere, or if I’m doing laundry, cooking, even before I fall asleep-  I have my trusty audiobook playing. It’s relatively inexpensive if you subscribe to a service like audible – and can really lift your spirits. I find myself so excited to ‘get to work’ when I know I can have something that genuinely interests me and makes me happy. It’s a natural de-stressor, and chores just don’t seem that bad anymore!


When you can’t catch a breath because you are so overwhelmed, you know you’re doing something wrong. If you’re like me, you have bouts of strong anxiety when you realize how much is on your plate. That’s why finding tools like meditation are so important. I will write about this experience in a future entry- but for now, hop on to the app store and find yourself a well reviewed meditation app. 5 minutes of concentrated breathing and focus will morph your perspective and will help balance your stress. Don’t get carried away with work and anxiety- you can moderate the power it has over you.

Watercolor / Doodling

Although I am not a very good artist, when it comes to drawing I find it incredibly therapeutic to be able to put lines and dots down on a page. As I said, some hobbies are very time consuming and involved- making it less likely for you to turn to them in moments of stress. However, if you have a palette of watercolors, weighted paper and some brushes hanging around- watercoloring is actually a pretty quick and easy thing to pick up and put down with minimal mess. If you have the space to keep it out in one place all the time, do so! Otherwise, it takes all of 5 seconds to get your materials together to sit down for a little painting session. You’d be amazed what one half hour of mindless doodling and creation can do for the soul. Don’t knock it til you try it!

I spent maybe $30 on paint, paper and brushes- which will all last me a good while. Give it a shot 🙂

Cooking / Baking

You have to eat anyway right? Don’t make meal prep a job (unless you absolutely hate cooking of course). But for most of us, the only reason why we dread making dinner is because we have to. If you change your perspective and look at it as a way to work on your skills, try new things- and hey, have that audiobook going- it won’t be so bad! You can play music, have a movie or TV show going in the other room… in other words- create an environment you want while you do things you do (or don’t) love to do! Attitude is everything. These days, I look forward to the hour I need to be in the kitchen, in a sense- it’s me time. Besides, the family is always happy to be fed 🙂

Simple ways to relax Why You should be Drinking Water

Nothing relaxes me like a hot cup of delicious herbal tea sweetened with some honey 😉

Just a thought!

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