‘Goat Milk Soap of the Month’ Club

If you are looking for ‘a gift that keeps on giving’, you might consider the ‘Goat Milk Soap of the Month’ Club. Not only will the recipient of this receive a different scented 40z bar of goat milk soap each month but also, the benefits their skin will receive from using it, will be ongoing!

Goat milk soap is the gentlest of all soaps. Research shows that soap containing goat milk has the closest ph levels to our skin, which makes it non-drying. It is great for people with skin conditions, like eczema, and has soothing and moisturizing qualities that cannot be synthetically reproduced. It is unique in its ability to sooth and is true and pure. Goat milk soap will be the most luxurious and creamy soap you will ever use!

Our soaps are completely biodegradable, NEVER tested on animals, contain no preservatives and are colored with all natural colorants. The soap will make a creamy lather, even if used with salt water.

Membership in this club is a must for anyone that enjoys the better things in life! In addition to smelling and feeling the quality of our soap as you use it, is knowing that there are no harmful chemicals  being used on your body. Of course,  the fact that the dairy goats that produce the milk used in the soap are happy and willing donors, completes the great feeling you will have while using it!

You have a choice of a 3-month plan, a 6-month plan or a 12-month plan and you can join it at any time during the year. We ask, however, that you subscribe 2 weeks prior to the starting month.

January: Goatmeal. Sooth itchy dry winter skin with this creamy, oatmeal combination (unscented).

February: Cherries Jubilee.  Be indulgent on Valentine’s Day, with this delicious smelling soap, without all the calories!

March: Violet.  Just lather up, close your eyes and spring will have arrived, no matter what the calendar shows.

April: Spring Rain. As they say, April showers bring May flowers. This light delightful scent reminds me of how the air smells after a spring rain.

May: New Hampshire Lilac. Flowery scent that leaves you feeling like you are smelling a bouquet of lilacs.  Beautiful!

June: Sea Glass. Soothing purple colored bar with  chunks of soap peppered throught, to give the illusion of sea glass. Light and refreshing.

July: Victorian Lavender. A classic scent; great for reducing stress too!  The added oatmeal and lavender buds act to exfoliate sun stressed skin.

August: Rhapsody in Rosemary. Rejuvenating and refeshing…perfect for those hot, humid dog days of August!

September: Sandalwood. Earthy and delightful. A gentle, mild scent that you can never get enough of…

October: Pumpkin Spice. A spicy yet earthy mix, just like the smell of the air on a New England October day.

November: Cape Cod Cranberry. A realistic cranberry aroma with a gentle creamy base. Cranberry seeds added to help exfoliate dry skin.

December: Winter Pine. Celebrate the winter!  The invigorating scent of freshly cut evergreens will surround you as you lather up with this seasonal favorite.


* Any soap listed with an asterisk (*) after the name is made using fragrance oil (which is synthetically produced); all others are made with pure essential oils, which are plant based.