Store bought eggs vs. Farm Fresh eggs

Store bought Eggs vs. Farm Fresh Eggs

Eggs are not only one of the most popular things to eat on Earth, they’re also extremely nutritious. My entire life, I’ve been lucky enough to always have farm fresh eggs on hand. Very rarely do I find myself about to eat store bought eggs. However, during the winter our hens don’t always lay as much as they do in other seasons and on occasion I find myself at the store to pick up a dozen.

Many people claim that there is no difference between store bought and fresh eggs but overall I wholeheartedly disagree. From flavor to appearance, I can safely say farm fresh eggs will win with me every time.


It’s not that the taste of a farm fresh egg is different than a store bought egg, but the texture is noticeably different. For whatever reason, store bought eggs are more watery. The store bought yolks almost seem to be weaker and easier to break than what you have with a fresh egg.  For fans of over easy eggs, a thick and rich yolk from a fresh egg is the dream companion for dipping that piece of toast. Otherwise, with baking etc. there wouldn’t be much of a reason to prefer one over the other.


Store bought eggs vs. Farm Fresh Eggs

This is probably the most obvious difference when it comes to store bought eggs vs. farm fresh eggs. Quite frankly it’s almost concerning how different the two look side by side. A store-bought egg’s yolk is a distinct neon yellow where as a fresh egg has a deeper almost golden hue.

Nutritional Value

It’s news to me, but even the nutritional characteristics of store bought eggs vary from free range, farm fresh eggs. It makes sense though because free range chickens have access to different nutrients than whatever the poor hens are fed in the “egg plants”.

Farm fresh eggs have been proven to have: Less cholesterol, less saturated fat, more vitamin A, E and D, more omega-3 fatty aides and more beta carotene. Although both kinds of eggs have cholesterol, back yard eggs have less. Keep in mind, however, that all cholesterol in eggs is considered “good” and healthy- not the bad kind you’d find in fried foods. Nizagara 100 mg

Shelf Life

With fresh eggs, you know when you collected them therefore you know how old they are. Who knows how old the eggs in the store are before you buy them!? As someone who has worked at a convenience store that sold eggs for many years I can tell you most of them were out for a week or so, not including the day or two they sat in the walk-in fridge. Research shows that eggs can sit on a shelf at a store for up to 3o days. A month!!!! Why settle for a month old dozen of eggs if you don’t have to?


Perhaps the biggest factor for me is the knowledge that I know where my eggs are coming from. I know what they’re being fed, where they live and most importantly- how they are treated. These days the greed is at large, and as a result many animals pay the price. Big factories care about production, and will do whatever it takes to get the most money out of their livestock. The thought of giving money to companies that lock their chickens up in tiny cages, so small they can’t move- makes my stomach turn. I have peace of mind knowing that my egg laying ladies are happy girls, roaming free in their own yard- producing eggs at their own pace. That’s how it should be. Where to buy Tramadol online

If you live in Scituate, MA and would like to start purchasing our farm fresh eggs, let us know! Depending on the time of year we may not be able to take on new recurring customers, but the only way to find out is to ask!

Stay tuned as we hope to delve into what it takes to keeping your own backyard chickens in future entries!

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