Eco-friendly Alternatives to Gift Paper

There are so many eco-friendly alternatives to gift paper!

If you’re anything like me, there’s a piece of you that hates to see all the gift paper in crushed up piles at the end of the Holidays. Sure, it has festive patterns and designs but at a high cost. Around Dalby Farm, we aren’t into wasting resources. As such, we have explored some of the many different eco-friendly alternatives to gift paper below.

Baskets or Re-usable Pine Crates

Around our farm we have all kinds of woven baskets hanging around (literally!)- including some we wouldn’t mind parting with. There are many ways to dress up a basket or crate – such as recycled fill and decorative ribbons. Don’t want to give away a basket? Save this option for someone you feel comfortable saying “Basket not included!” to as you hand them their prize. Alternatively, check out dollar stores and thrift shops for super cheap buying options.
There’s a reason why we offer gift crates- because we hope you will re-use the durable pine crate. They make for great storage or, as you’ll see, a great vessel for a thoughtful gift!

eco-friendly alternatives to gift paper

Newspapers, Calendars, Maps

Personally I believe that presents wrapped in newspaper are the coolest. Talk about flair! While it may not be “festive” or feature as many options in design- consider the option of using marker to decorate it yourself! It will add a unique and personal touch to it in ways traditional gift wrap never would!
Perhaps there is a certain time of year or month of value to the recipient- why not pull an old calendar apart and use the relevant months. Again, another opportunity to add personal flair.
Same concept with maps. No matter which of these you were to choose- you’re bound to hear an “oooh!” for the originality and environmentally friendly approach to gift giving.


Re-Usable Gift Bags

This isn’t my favorite option but that’s probably because I’m bitter toward the stack of gift bags in my closet that I keep for precisely this reason. Who throws out a gift bag? They’re usually so gorgeous and keeping every size proves to be worthwhile eventually. So the disclaimer is: Sorry, you will run out of space for these “obnoxious” bags someday, but maybe that’s your cue to give more presents. Anyway, in my opinion re-useable bags are the gifts that keep on giving to both the recipient and more importantly- our environment.


I thought the idea of wrapping gifts in Fabric was brilliant. I haven’t tried it myself, so I do have a few questions. Do you tie a knot? Do you enclose the item with pins? I suppose it is all circumstantial.  One thing is for certain- you wouldn’t be using paper! The beauty of using fabric is that you have way more options as far as color, pattern and texture than any traditional paper- or most of these suggestions- would offer. If you happen to be giving a scarf as part of the present, consider wrapping the other items with it? Clean tablecloths, sheets, pillowcases, even socks could all come into play with this eco-friendly gift wrapping strategy.

And hey, if you really can’t stand the thought of being without your beautiful santa and snowman designs- perhaps you will consider purchasing recycled gift paper. Spread the word about the eco-friendly alternatives to gift paper this Holiday season to help raise awareness. Every little bit will help.