5 Great Holiday Gift Ideas for School Teachers

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Great Holiday Gift Ideas for School Teachers

Struggling to find Holiday gift ideas for school teachers? It’s the Holiday Season so naturally you’re frantically in search of something for everybody in your life, right? For the most part this isn’t hard because you are in tune with your friends & family- and have a solid grip as to what make great presents for them. However, your child may have 4-6 teachers (don’t forget the bus driver!) any given school year- people you hardly know… Sometimes finding a balance between cheap and thoughtful is overwhelming but it doesn’t need to be.

Always put yourself in their shoes- what would make life more enjoyable? Simpler? Here are some gift ideas to consider:

Simple Meal Options

Teachers may be done teaching between 2-3pm but most are far from being able to actually go home. They may be involved in after-school student activities or sports. Chances are they definitely still need to grade tests and papers. For all you know, they don’t see their own home until 8 or 9 at night. That’s why giving them a basket of tea, hot chocolate, dry soup and/or pantry mixes are a really clever gift. These are all things they could enjoy from the comfort of their home- or via the kitchen in the school without much effort. You won’t break the bank, and you’ll make the chaotic holiday season a little more manageable.

Holiday Gift Ideas for School Teachers

Don’t Do it Alone

Teachers are no strangers to gifts but how many of them end up being useful or worth the money spent? While we don’t have statistics for you- chances are more end up in the trash than anywhere else. Help fellow parents avoid the same money pit and consider going in on a larger, group gift.  A gift certificate to a really nice restaurant or a nice store in the mall, for example- would be manageable between multiple people.

Baker’s Dream

In my experience, many teachers are young women with a variety of hobbies. If you’re lucky- maybe they like to bake? Throwing a basket together with all the needed ingredients (dry ingredients, sprinkles, icing) for a batch of cookies is a very creative and considerate present to give to anyone- not just a teacher. Or- alternatively- you could whip up a few dozen cookies yourself and package them nicely (and have enough to give every teacher some!). You can’t go wrong with your budget when you go this route! Just make sure to have your child check for allergies before they start chowing down!


This is a popular idea and for good reason. Ornaments never go out of style, and there is an endless variety of kinds and themes to choose from! Try to go for something unique or personal so they will always remember where it came from. You’ll be able to cover a lot of ground with multiple teachers if you pick something small but practical and relevant to the Holidays!

Holiday Gift ideas for School Teachers


Class Pet

Does the teacher have a class pet in the room for all the kids to take care of? Chances are they are paying for its food and bedding out of pocket (I doubt there’s an expense account for a hamster!). With that in mind- maybe a new cage, or a couple months supply of food, treats or chew toys would do the trick? You’d be surprised how much that could help and thrill your teacher- especially since everyone benefits, including a little furry friend!

No need to stress! These are just 5 of so many ways to impress the teachers in your life this year! Browse around our general store, pantry or spa sections to get more ideas!