DIY Easter Egg Wreaths

DIY Easter Egg Wreaths

DIY Easter Egg Wreaths

My mother played a little trick on me last weekend. She asked me to come over to the Farm a couple hours before I usually would for our weekly Sunday family dinner. I knew she had a craft in mind but I didn’t know it would be DIY Easter Egg Wreaths!

I’ve seen these all over the likes of Pinterest and Google image, so I was curious to see if it was something I could pull off. I’ve been crafty my whole life but it had been a while since I’d picked up a glue gun and went to town. As it turned out, this was a great thing to spend an hour doing- especially since it would soon become an annual treat to take out every Spring!

What You Need

This isn’t a very expensive craft to take on but it will cost you a few bucks depending on what you have around the house, and where you shop. Many of these items can be acquired at Michaels, Jo-Anns, or any craft store. Even Wal-Mart should have most of these materials.

-Straw Wreath

-Glue Gun (and plenty of glue for it)

-Plastic Easter Grass (more than one bag/color to make it festive!)

-A couple bags of multi-colored plastic Easter Eggs (more if you’re doing multiple wreaths!)

-Ribbon (pre-tied bows or roll of ribbon to tie your own)

-Wire (for the bow/hanger) & pliers to manipulate

What to do

Make sure the surface you plan to work is covered with a layer or two of newspaper. You don’t want any of the hot glue to make its way onto your table!

Have the glue gun heating as you prepare your workspace. Remove the wreath from its plastic. It can be a bit frustrating so don’t be afraid to use some scissors to help get it off.

Decide which colored grass you want to use. For mine, I used a mixture of green and pink- it’s a favorite combo. Keep in mind you will only see some of the grass in the finished product, so don’t get too obsessive over the colors.

Once the glue gun is ready, take a couple handfuls of your selected easter grass combination and try to scrunch it into a tight ball (as best as possible). Put zigzags of glue in one area of the wreath at a time, and carefully place the grass onto those areas. I used the handles of my scissors to help pat down the grass so I didn’t burn myself. I would suggest you use something like that as well- but be ready to get some glue on them. Continue to do this until you have grass covering the entire front of your wreath- to your liking. It can be thick or thin, whichever you prefer.


With the entire wreath covered with grass, it is now time to start placing your easter eggs. Make sure the plastic eggs are securely tightened/closed. Put a large glob of glue down on one side, and place it on the wreath, over the grass. There are a variety of ways to go about decorating the wreath with eggs.

You can opt to do three rows in random colors or specific color patterns (Purple ribbon) or you can place random colors in random places (Pink ribbon). The three rows will ensure patches of visible grass, whereas the random placement may encourage a tighter design, thus leaving the grass harder to see.

Leave a spot at the top free of eggs so you can easily apply the bow. To make it easiest, put a bit of hot glue right around where the bow will eventually sit, let dry. Wrap the wire around the sides of the wreath and secure tightly. With the remaining wire, shape it into a small hoop fit for a door hanger. Be sure to secure the wire by applying another large round of hot glue to the back. Let dry- carefully place it at an angle up against something until it has.

If you’re tying your own bow, be sure to search for a tutorial on how to make your preferred design! Google is your best friend, and Youtube will have plenty of videos to help!

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