What determines eggshell color?

What determines eggshell color?

If you’re one of our fresh egg customers, you have come to expect at least one green (or blue) egg in your weekly dozen. Or maybe you’ve just opened up one carton at the store and saw they were white, compared to the other brand with the brown eggs. Concerned? Don’t worry about what determines eggshell color, because in the end it has absolutely no affect on the quality of the egg inside.

95% of an Eggshell is composed of calcium carbonate, something you’ve seen in chalk, for example.  It is a white substance, so it makes sense that the average egg in stores maintains that color.


Much like how people have brown eyes, or freckles, the color of a chicken egg comes from good ol’ fashioned genetics. The breed of chicken will determine the color of their eggs. A brown egg has protoporphyrin, the result of a hemoglobin breakdown in blood. It’s just a pigment that is deposited on the surface of an egg as it’s forming. It is said you can remove the color with vinegar or sandpaper- but it’s not really necessary (or recommended, by us anyway!). Buy Provigil online

Oocyanin is the pigment found in the blue and green eggs you see out there, and here on our farm! We have several Araucana chickens on our farm and they lay beautiful blue/green eggs. They’re particularly popular around Easter, as they are a pre-colored egg ready for decorating and hiding! Here on the farm we try to include one blue/green egg per dozen, as a signature if you will!

Which is best?

You’ll hear all kinds of rumors about why eggs are different colors, as well as claims that some egg colors are more healthy than others. From what our research shows, nothing backs up those claims.  We don’t see how the Aracauna egg would have less cholesterol than any other, for example. Adipex 37.5 mg diet pills

As long as the chickens are well cared for, fed well and healthy overall- there’s no reason to believe one egg is more nutritious than any other.

What Determines Eggshell Color?

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