Fun Facts about Cats

Fun Facts About Cats

My entire life I have been a cat girl. It’s not that I don’t love dogs, but personally- I relate more to the independence and reserved love you get with a cat. I may be biased though, I spent 19 amazing years with my first black cat Millie- she really was my best friend. We had a lot of set routines together- my particular favorite was her tendency to sit at the top of the driveway everyday waiting for me to get off the bus. We’d then go inside and spend the evenings together. These days between my home and the farm I am blessed with three amazing rescue kittens who all remind me of Millie. In any case, I wanted to share some fun facts about cats – because they’re great.

Mitzy Muffin and Maizy Mae

-Did you know? A group of cats is called a clowder.

-It takes 20 muscles for a cat to control their EARS!

-70% of a cats life is spent sleeping

-Owning a cat can reduce your risk of having a stroke AND heart attack by 1/3!

-Cats are officially a more popular pet than dogs (88 million vs. 74)

-The largest cat recorded is 48.5 inches long- that’s pretty big!

-A purr doesn’t always mean a cat is happy, it can also be an expression of fear/nervousness.

-Cats meow because of human interaction. It is said that without humans, cats would never need to make noise.

-Yes, your cat does hear you. They’re just too important to acknowledge you right now.

-Milk generally isn’t recommended for your feline- as many are lactose intolerant.

-Where dogs have about 10 sounds, cats have more than 100!

-Humans and cats share identical sections of the brain which control emotion.

Fun Facts about Cats

Dalby Farm’s resident queen, Ellie Mae

-Whiskers help cats determine whether or not they can get through  a space.

-Felicette, or “Astronaut” was the first cat in space, she was French by the way- and survived the trip to tell the…tail!

-A cats ear can move a full 180 degrees.

-Tail, forehead, lips, chin and under their front paws: locations of cat scent glands.

-Apparently cats will lick themselves to get your scent off- jeez!

-It is said that Black cats are bad luck in the U.S. (no way!!) but they are a symbol of good luck in the UK and Australia (smart people!).

-The oldest breed of cat is the Egyptian Mau (translates into “Cat”)

-Not only do 11.5% of people call themselves “cat people”, but 11% of those people are more likely to be introverts.

-Male “cat people” supposedly have a higher success rate in the love department, they are seen as more sensitive.

-The largest litter of kittens on record was 19. That poor mom!

-This one is very sad- but only a shocking 24% of cats who enter animal shelters are adopted. Please rescue!!! They need you (and you don’t know it yet, but you need them too!)

Catnip Toys for Cats

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What determines eggshell color?

What determines eggshell color?

If you’re one of our fresh egg customers, you have come to expect at least one green (or blue) egg in your weekly dozen. Or maybe you’ve just opened up one carton at the store and saw they were white, compared to the other brand with the brown eggs. Concerned? Don’t worry about what determines eggshell color, because in the end it has absolutely no affect on the quality of the egg inside.

95% of an Eggshell is composed of calcium carbonate, something you’ve seen in chalk, for example.  It is a white substance, so it makes sense that the average egg in stores maintains that color.


Much like how people have brown eyes, or freckles, the color of a chicken egg comes from good ol’ fashioned genetics. The breed of chicken will determine the color of their eggs. A brown egg has protoporphyrin, the result of a hemoglobin breakdown in blood. It’s just a pigment that is deposited on the surface of an egg as it’s forming. It is said you can remove the color with vinegar or sandpaper- but it’s not really necessary (or recommended, by us anyway!). Buy Provigil online

Oocyanin is the pigment found in the blue and green eggs you see out there, and here on our farm! We have several Araucana chickens on our farm and they lay beautiful blue/green eggs. They’re particularly popular around Easter, as they are a pre-colored egg ready for decorating and hiding! Here on the farm we try to include one blue/green egg per dozen, as a signature if you will!

Which is best?

You’ll hear all kinds of rumors about why eggs are different colors, as well as claims that some egg colors are more healthy than others. From what our research shows, nothing backs up those claims.  We don’t see how the Aracauna egg would have less cholesterol than any other, for example. Adipex 37.5 mg diet pills

As long as the chickens are well cared for, fed well and healthy overall- there’s no reason to believe one egg is more nutritious than any other.

What Determines Eggshell Color?

If you’re local, be sure to ask us if we have any open slots for regular pickup! Sometimes our girls are more active than others, so we don’t always have enough:)

Why you should be drinking water

Why You Should Be Drinking Water

Are you drinking enough water? There has been much discussion over the years regarding exactly how much water you should be drinking vs. how much you need to drink. While you may not need a full 8 glasses of water a day as you may have heard, you should still aspire to consuming as much where possible. Here’s why you should be drinking water, in short.

Maintains the balance

Digestion, circulation, saliva, absorption, transportation of nutrients, and body temperature regulation are all affected by the amount of water you consume. Our bodies are made of 60% water- which are responsible for making those functions happen. Without consistent water consumption, your body will not perform to its optimal ability. Your brain will essentially tell you when your supply is low, so be sure to listen and act on that feeling of thirst!
You’ll also enjoy more energy- as the right amount will help pump blood more effectively. Speedy transport of nutrients to your cells will do your body good!
When it comes to balance, we don’t just mean the fluid levels – we also mean your digestion. Healthy amounts of water daily will keep you working regularly. If you’re dehydrated it will be harder (and likely somewhat painful) to pass waste.

Control Calories

There’s a reason why people drink a lot of water when they’re trying to lose weight. Sadly, water is not the cure to obesity, and drinking a lot of water doesn’t guarantee weight loss. What it will do, however, is fill you up and cut the desire to eat and drink higher calorie foods / beverages.
Also, food with high water content will often require more chewing, and will take more time to be fully absorbed by the body. You will feel more full and less likely to snack on rich food. Eat plenty of fruit, vegetables, oatmeal, beans and broth-based soup!
Water will also help boost the metabolism, which is key to maintaining a steady body weight. Throw some ice in it and your body will work a little harder to process it, burning a few extra calories!

Good Muscle Health

Believe it or not, fluids are an integral part of having a healthy muscle mass within your body. Without proper fluids, your muscles can shrivel- resulting in poor performance and in some cases, painful atrophy.
It is recommended, especially for athletes, to drink at least 17 ounces of water 2 hours prior to a workout. It is important to keep a steady flow of water entering your system before, during and after highly strenuous workouts as to replace what is lost from sweat.
Water helps prevent muscle cramping and works as a natural lubricant to help make toning happen faster.

Better Skin

We’ve mentioned this before, but one way to ensure you have healthy skin is by having a consistent intake of water. If you are too dehydrated, your skin gets really dry and any existing wrinkles appear deeper. Water helps plump up your skin cells, helping you keep a younger appearance. Not only that, but water will help flush out impurities and help blood flow/circulation.


The exact amount of water you need depends on a variety of factors. Your height, size, level of activity, how hot or cold it is outside all come into consideration- as well as how much you exercise and at what amount you sweat. Speak with your doctor if you’re concerned about how much is enough.

Tea counts!

Why You should be Drinking Water

Don’t like plain water? Grab yourself some herbal tea! Tea is a great way to give your body the water it needs. Be easy on the sugar though 😉

Water Conservation Tips for Kids: Get them involved!

Water Conservation Tips for Kids

Water Conservation Tips for Kids

I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, small actions can carry a big impact- especially over time. Here at Dalby Farm, we aspire to help children think about the environment with every step they take. You can help enforce our lessons at home by involving your kids in simple practices. Remember, water conservation tips for kids can easily be applied to adults too!

Make it A Game

Before we get into specific ways to help your kids conserve water, consider your approach. Experience has taught us that children are more likely to participate in chore-like activities when it is presented in a fun way.

Design some kind of score card or poster with their names, and spaces for each day of the week (to check off or put a sticker when completed). On the side column, make a list of different simple ways to conserve water. Come up with a small reward system- whether it be ice cream for dessert at the end of the week, or getting to stay up an extra half hour- for each week of completed activity.

This is a great way to instill environmentally friendly life practices with a touch of fun and personal reward!

Look for Leaks

Once a month, send your little one in and around the house to look at all of the faucets and shower heads. You can save a lot of water over time if you catch every leak as quick as possible. Sometimes it’s a simple explanation, other times a plumber may be needed.

Not to mention it serves as early education as to what homeownership is like!


If your children alternate on dish duty- make sure they know to avoid letting the faucet run! Younger kids may enjoy seeing their favorite rubber ducky float with them in the full sink. Getting creative and including unique symbols of green habits can mold the mind in great ways as they grow older.

Brown Grass and Pet Baths

Assuming you have children who you put in charge of washing the dog- take a look at your lawn first! If you see a patch of the yard that could use some nourishment, set them up for the bath there. Drag the hose and the dog to that spot and get a 2 for 1! A clean dog and a watered lawn!

On a hot day, set up the sprinkler before or after to help your kids cool down, water the lawn and get the dog ready for soaping!

Designated Drinking Glass or Bottle

Have your little one pick out a cute drinking glass or bottle, and assign it to them as the only thing they can drink water out of! Doing so will teach them to avoid wanting bottled water, and/or wasting multiple glasses throughout the day. They’ll learn to cut down unnecessary waste! Not only will they save landfills from more damaging plastic, but they’ll conserve the water it’d take to wash all the glasses they’d have otherwise dirtied.

Check back for more ways to help your kids learn to conserve at home!

5 Easy Ways To Have Healthy Skin

5 Easy Ways to Have Healthy Skin

Let’s be honest. The healthy and beauty market is saturated with too many options to keep track of. Google searches are full of paid ads disguised as informative, popular resources. People are paid to leave reviews to mislead potential buyers… it goes on and on. At the end of the day, you’re just looking for ways to keep your skin nice and healthy. Avoid the manipulation of everyone else and take a look at these 5 easy ways to have healthy skin.


It may seem obvious but ask yourself- how often are you putting on sunscreen? No matter where you live, what season it is, or if you plan on sunbathing (please dont!). The best way to avoid having sun-damaged skin is by preventing it in the first place. These days its very easy to find a daily moisturizer that offers varying amounts of SPF.

Clean Make-Up Applicators

If you are not already in the habit of rinsing your makeup brushes and/or sponges every couple weeks, you should be! A little spin in some lukewarm water followed by being pat dry and left to air out can help prevent break-outs!


Sanitize your devices

If you’re frequently on your iPhone or Android, make sure you are constantly sanitizing the screen. Such devices are exposed to many things and become a petry dish of germs and various bacteria. Everything your hands touch, could end up on your face if you aren’t paying attention! All you need are some Clorox sanitizing wipes and use them each day to stay on top of it.


Wash Your Face Before Bed

Don’t leave your makeup on while you sleep or else it may lead to clogged pores, and you could end up with dry skin too. Sleeping with eye makeup could lead to uncomfortable redness and bumps. Take a few moments to rinse your face with warm water and the cleanser of your choosing to avoid these problems!

Moisturizers and skin toners should be used to encourage even more supple skin but should be used immediately after you’ve washed your face with warm water. There is a limited window of time the ingredients that promote moisture can get into your pores before they close up.

Drink Plenty of Water

Water is key to having great skin. It assists in transporting oxygen and nutrients to your skin cells. Dehydrated cells make you look much older than you are, nobody wants that! Studies show 8 glasses of water is the perfect daily amount to help your skin look and feel its best.


Try something new!

Goat Milk is one of the best ingredients to use on your skin. It has the closest PH balance to our skin.

5 Easy Ways to have Healthy Skin

Try our Dalby Farm Goat Milk Soaps and Lotions and see your skin shine brighter than before!

Animal Trivia! Fun Facts About Dogs

Fun Facts About Dogs

Many of you spend countless hours with your dog(s) every week- but how much do you know about dogs otherwise? We found some fun facts perfect for trivia night you can enjoy below 🙂

  • –Puppies have 28 teeth, adult dogs have 42.
  • –Does your dog chase their tail? Some dogs do that when they are nervous, or stressed. Not to worry, often times it’s just instinct, curiosity and the desire for exercise.
  • –Next time you play the Beatles song, “Day In the Life” – have your dog around to see if he reacts to the song. Supposedly Paul McCartney recorded high pitches only dogs can hear using an ultrasonic whistle with his own dog in mind.
  • –Yes, your dog really does dream! Just like humans, dogs have the same type of slow wave sleep as well as rapid eye movement. Twitchy paws and tails are the best indicator that it’s occurring.
  • –Dogs can see in the dark. Their eyes have a special membrane, tapetum lucidum, which allows them to see at night.
  • –According to this poll, 72% of dogs are able to sense when a storm is coming.
  • –Dogs regular temperature is higher than a humans. While we temp around 98.6F, Dogs should be between 101 and 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything above or below and they should be seen by a vet ASAP.
  • –Dogs only sweat through the pads of their feet!
  • –Dogs only have 1,700 tastebuds compared to a humans 9000.
  • –Humans hear best around 2000hz (hertz) whereas dogs hear best at 8000hz.
  • –Ever wonder why dogs like to kick after they go to the bathroom? They’re leaving their scent behind with their paws to mark their territory…again.
  • –72.9 million homes, or 62% of all Americans have a pet in their home.
  • –Dogs noses are wet because the thin layer of mucus helps them smell better. It catches scent, which they then lick to taste.

Stay tuned for more fun facts about different animals you may have in your home.

In the meantime, why not treat your furry friend to something special?

Fun Facts about Dogs, Frosted Chick Dog Treat

Frosted Chick Dog Treat

Check out our variety of pet treats in Paws and Beaks!

Fun St. Patrick’s Day Trivia

St. Patrick’s Day Trivia

Who doesn’t love a little festive trivia? This St. Patrick’s Day, share a few fun facts with your friends and family over that pint! Who knew there were so many little factoids out there about why we wear green, or how many President’s have claimed Irish heritage?! Check out our St. Patrick’s Day trivia and enjoy!

The first St. Patrick’s Day parade was in Boston in 1737, not Ireland!

Since 1762, New York City has thrown the largest St. Patrick’s Day parade drawing and audience of more than 1 million every year.

Erin Go Bragh actually means “Ireland Forever”

President Truman was the first US President to attend a St. Patrick’s Day parade in 1948.

110 million people will wear green this year, with just 33.7 million Americans claiming Irish Heritage.

Over 15 million greeting cards are purchased and exchanged for St. Patrick’s day

19 US Presidents claimed Irish Heritage, even #1 George Washington!

Over 100 US Cities hold annual St. Patrick’s Day parades.

St. Patrick wasn’t even Irish, he was British!

Irish is the second most reported ancestry in the United States.

Blue was the first color associated with St. Patrick, but became green over time.

The shamrock was St. Patrick’s symbol for the Holy Trinity.

St. Patrick was kidnapped as a teenager by the Irish, and became a slave to Ireland.

March 17th is the day history assumes St. Patrick died.

An estimated 7.6 million tourists visited Ireland in 2013.

The first year Chicago dyed their river green was 1962.

St. Patrick’s actual name was Maewyn Succat.

According to legend, St. Patrick drew the snakes out of Ireland.

Leprechauns are small Irish fairies that were not to be trusted, known for their mischief.

Leap Year in Ireland is known for the Irish tradition of women proposing to men, started by St. Bridget. Supposedly she proposed to St. Patrick and he said no!

For most of the 20th Century, St. Patrick’s Day was a dry, strictly religious holiday in Ireland. However, in 1970 it was converted to a national holiday and drinking resumed!

St. Patrick's Day Trivia

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Valentine’s Day Fun Facts

Valentine’s Day Fun Facts

Valentine's Day Fun Facts

Valentine’s Day is a favorite of ours around the Farm. Maybe it’s because we are filled with so much love for our family and all of the animals that live with us. Having a day to honor that love (perhaps just a little more than we do any other day of the year) is a lot of fun. Check out some of these Valentine’s day fun facts we came across!

Did You Know?

  • Retail statistics tell us that 4.5% of pet owners will give gifts to their pets on Valentine’s Day! That could be as many as 5 million people! We’re in that figure, that’s for sure! After all, people come and go but your pets are forever love!
  • An amazing 151 Million Valentine’s Day cards are exchanged every single year for Valentine’s Day. Considering 54% of Americans participate in this holiday, it makes perfect sense to us!
  • For the singles out there, don’t worry. You have the option to celebrate something called Singles Awareness Day (SAD). Yes, it sounds depressing– but you’d be surprised by the number of people you will be able to connect with and relate to on social media. Who knows, maybe you won’t be single much longer!
  • The term, “wear your heart on your sleeve” originated from the middle ages. Young women and men would draw their names from a bowl to see who would be their valentine. For a week straight they would wear the name on their sleeves so everyone would know.
  • In Finland, their name for Valentine’s Day (Ystävänpäivä) translates to Friend’s Day. It’s far more friend/family centric than simply your romantic interest.
  • In Medieval days, the X (which these days, has become synonymous with a kiss) was used by people who couldn’t write their own names. They would instead sign an x in front of a witness, and kiss the x as a show of their love and sincerity.

    Or How About…

  • We all know candy is a big seller for Valentine’s Day. $1.6 billion was spent on candy alone in 2016. More than 35 million heart-shaped boxes of candy will be sold and gifted this year.
  • Between 64-73% of people who will buy flowers on Valentine’s Day will be men- contributing to the ~$1.9 billion in flowers sales made every year.
  • 50% of people buy roses for the occasion, which is probably why over 225 million roses are grown specifically for Valentine’s Day.
  • There are 1400 different kinds of cards you can purchase from Hallmark alone. It makes you wonder how many of the 145 million bought come from them!
  • Over 6 million people expect or plan a proposal on Valentine’s Day each year. My own mother and father got engaged on Valentine’s Day when they were in their 20’s! It’s definitely a safe way to ensure you never forget a gift to celebrate the memory!
  • Will you be part of the 40% of people who purchase their gifts for Valentine’s Day on their smartphone?
  • It’s funny to imagine but very true: 15% of women will send themselves flowers on Valentine’s Day. I think that’s a great way to honor and love yourself, especially if you’re single!
  • Procrastinators will appreciate this: 50% of Valentine’s day gifts are purchased the 6 days leading up to it. If you are always waiting till the last minute to secure your present you are clearly not alone!