Safe Ways to Spoil Your Pet Over the Holidays

Safe Ways to Spoil Your Pet Over the Holidays

Safe ways to spoil your pets over the holidays
If your household is anything like ours, making sure your pets are part of the winter celebrations is a must. After all, they’re family too, right? Fortunately there are many simple and safe ways to spoil your pet over the holidays, it just requires some special focus.

Pet Stockings

Animals like to open stockings too! There are plenty of ways to go about doing something like this without breaking the bank too. Whether you have a cat, dog, bunny or even a hamster- you can fill their stockings with bedding, treats and general supplies your furry friend uses year round. Not only will you be stocking up on stuff you’d need to purchase one way or another, but both the family and your pets will get to enjoy the joy of receiving a gift!
We always give our dog a new holiday themed toy- some specialty dog bones, and a dog bed to replace the one she wears out every year. Our kitty gets cat nip (she loves our barn mouse toy), crunchy treats and  even her own cat grass plant!

Holiday Sweaters

This isn’t something we do but I see folks do it all the time. If you have a smaller dog who may get cold easily, it could be really fun for you (and warm for them) to be put in a holiday sweater! It probably can go without saying but not all animals are going to feel comfortable in these. Make sure not to force them into anything if they show you any signs of resistance- the point is to treat them not harass them 🙂

Special Snacks

Your pets probably will take just about any food you’re willing to give them- but maybe this is the time of year you can opt for the more expensive treats! Assuming your pet doesn’t have any strict dietary restrictions, consider new and interesting organic/all natural options you don’t normally purchase. They will love the change in consistency and may manage to find even MORE love for you! Always make sure the treats you regularly feed them have nutritional value- that way you can worry less about splurging a little around the Holidays.

Safe ways to spoil your pet over the holidays
Home Cooked Meal

Now as a rule we do not endorse feeding pets ‘people food’ but that doesn’t mean you couldn’t cook them a proper meal from items you eat! Something as simple as boiled chicken or turkey, rice and some frozen veggies will make your dog go wild with excitement! Cats may enjoy some cooked ground turkey (pate style) or tuna patties. Don’t feel like setting their digestive track into a tailspin? Maybe bake them some special pet cookies instead!

There are tons of great, healthy recipes online you can search for. Get the whole family involved and make it a new tradition! This is one of many great safe ways to spoil your pet over the holidays!
Safe Ways to Spoil Your Pet over the Holidays


You may find this boring in comparison to the rest of what is on our list here but it is easily the most important way to take care of your furry friends. Make sure to keep ribbon, tinsel and general holiday decor safe and away from possible consumption. Avoid feeding them people food like sugary treats or breads as they are not necessarily safe and definitely not ‘good’ for them.
Also be sure to inspect any and all new toys- both ones that are intended for your pets AND children. Small pieces may become choking hazards for more than one member of the family!

All in all we have just scratched the surface when it comes to finding safe ways to spoil your pets this Holiday season, but we hope you’ve got a few new ideas to run with!