Spring Is Coming! Check out our Springtime Seasonal Favorites!

Springtime Seasonal Favorites

We just wanted to remind you to check out our General Store to take advantage of our limited Springtime home decor. One of my personal favorite additions to our inventory this year is the Carrot Garland. It’s such a fun way to decorate a fireplace mantle or chandelier for Easter. Sure to be a real crowd pleaser!

Springtime Seasonal Favorites

We also have some really fun pet treats for your favorite dog! They’re in the shape of spring Chicks and decorated with fun yellow ‘frosting’. Don’t forget to get your Easter Bunny a snack as well! A farm favorite, we always give our bunnies some of our ‘Hop Along’ treat mix to welcome them into Spring.

Springtime Seasonal FavoritesFor Country Home lovers, you may want to feature the Rustic Chick, Bottle Brush Egg Tree or even one of the Vintage Easter displays on a table or shelf. They will add a festive touch to any home, and your house guests will want to know where you got them!

Country Easter Decor

Of course, some of our products can be used for more than one season with little work! Take our wooden sewing bobbin candle light  as an example. You’d have to purchase the light and enamelware dish separately, but the addition of some jelly beans can set the Easter mood!

For seasonal gift sets, soap scents and pantry flavors- visit Nana’s Pantry, Sophie’s Bath and Spa and our Gift Crate pages.
All natural jam spring chick gift crate

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