Bee Thoughtful: How to turn your land into a bee friendly habitat

Turn your land into a bee friendly habitat

As we’ve already mentioned in our introduction, the bees are in serious trouble. Recently, seven species of Hawaiian yellow-faced bees were added to the endangered list. While some headlines out there would have you believe the entire class is on the list (it’s not)- this is still great cause for concern.  We’re starting you off with a few tips that will help you turn your land into a bee friendly habitat so we can all help keep them around. Keep checking back for more over the coming weeks.

Choose bee-friendly plants

You will make the bee population very happy if you make the effort to plant native wildflowers, flowering herbs, berries and varying flowering fruits & vegetables. Here in Massachusetts, honeybees favor:

  • Mint, basil, sage, thyme, oregano, lavender, chives, buck wheat.
  • Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries.
  • Cucumbers, tomatoes, winter squash, pumpkins, watermelon, flowering broccoli
  • Crocus, black-eyed susans, lilacs, wisteria, tulips, sunflowers, clovers, snowdrops, bee balm, honeysuckle, peony & more.
  • Maple, Willow, Black Locust and Sumac are great trees to plant if you have the space.

All of these plants make for excellent food sources for bees. Remember not to get rid of your dandelions, as those are the early Spring “go to” food source for bees before everything else has bloomed. When it comes to bees, dandelions are NOT weeds. Ideally you will pick the plants that have the longest blooming cycles, and/or the ones who have successive blooms. You want to encourage the bees to keep coming back over and over again.

Be sure to keep the same plants together, ideally one square yard of the same kind. It will do a better job at attracting the bees, and they’ll have plenty to work with when they find them.

Let your plants flower

Let the flowers on your plants remain as to allow the bees to get the pollen and nectar from them when they need it. When you grow herbs or veggies like Broccoli, leave the plant intact after you’ve harvested. Letting the plants go to flower give the bees an extra food source, especially toward the end of the year when everything else is dying. You should leave these plants in the gardens until the flowers are gone.

One mans weed is a meal for the Bees

Society would have you believe that weeds serve no purpose and only exist to frustrate the passionate gardener, this is unfortunate! While the aesthetic of certain weeds may not match your taste, consider the benefits dandelions, clovers, loosestrife, milkweed, goldenrod and other flowering weeds can give to our struggling bee population.  The reality is, these weeds are crucial to a bees ability to survival.
If you have a nice lawn, leave the weeds alone. Find the beauty in them and appreciate their role in providing an extra, much needed food source for the bees. Sometimes looks aren’t the only thing that matter when you’re trying to serve nature over yourself. It certainly doesn’t mean you can’t take good care of your landscaping, but bee thoughtful 🙂


In the coming weeks we will be sharing information on the importance of quitting the chemicals (pesticides, herbicides etc). Please stay tuned and plan to implement these pieces of advice for the upcoming Spring season and beyond. Thanks for beeing thoughtful. Share your tips with us in the comments!

all natural wildflower honey turn your land into a bee friendly habitat

Your purchases from our store help us continue our educational efforts, if you’re a honey-lover consider trying our delicious varieties of honey!

Valentine’s Day Fun Facts

Valentine’s Day Fun Facts

Valentine's Day Fun Facts

Valentine’s Day is a favorite of ours around the Farm. Maybe it’s because we are filled with so much love for our family and all of the animals that live with us. Having a day to honor that love (perhaps just a little more than we do any other day of the year) is a lot of fun. Check out some of these Valentine’s day fun facts we came across!

Did You Know?

  • Retail statistics tell us that 4.5% of pet owners will give gifts to their pets on Valentine’s Day! That could be as many as 5 million people! We’re in that figure, that’s for sure! After all, people come and go but your pets are forever love!
  • An amazing 151 Million Valentine’s Day cards are exchanged every single year for Valentine’s Day. Considering 54% of Americans participate in this holiday, it makes perfect sense to us!
  • For the singles out there, don’t worry. You have the option to celebrate something called Singles Awareness Day (SAD). Yes, it sounds depressing– but you’d be surprised by the number of people you will be able to connect with and relate to on social media. Who knows, maybe you won’t be single much longer!
  • The term, “wear your heart on your sleeve” originated from the middle ages. Young women and men would draw their names from a bowl to see who would be their valentine. For a week straight they would wear the name on their sleeves so everyone would know.
  • In Finland, their name for Valentine’s Day (Ystävänpäivä) translates to Friend’s Day. It’s far more friend/family centric than simply your romantic interest.
  • In Medieval days, the X (which these days, has become synonymous with a kiss) was used by people who couldn’t write their own names. They would instead sign an x in front of a witness, and kiss the x as a show of their love and sincerity.

    Or How About…

  • We all know candy is a big seller for Valentine’s Day. $1.6 billion was spent on candy alone in 2016. More than 35 million heart-shaped boxes of candy will be sold and gifted this year.
  • Between 64-73% of people who will buy flowers on Valentine’s Day will be men- contributing to the ~$1.9 billion in flowers sales made every year.
  • 50% of people buy roses for the occasion, which is probably why over 225 million roses are grown specifically for Valentine’s Day.
  • There are 1400 different kinds of cards you can purchase from Hallmark alone. It makes you wonder how many of the 145 million bought come from them!
  • Over 6 million people expect or plan a proposal on Valentine’s Day each year. My own mother and father got engaged on Valentine’s Day when they were in their 20’s! It’s definitely a safe way to ensure you never forget a gift to celebrate the memory!
  • Will you be part of the 40% of people who purchase their gifts for Valentine’s Day on their smartphone?
  • It’s funny to imagine but very true: 15% of women will send themselves flowers on Valentine’s Day. I think that’s a great way to honor and love yourself, especially if you’re single!
  • Procrastinators will appreciate this: 50% of Valentine’s day gifts are purchased the 6 days leading up to it. If you are always waiting till the last minute to secure your present you are clearly not alone!



Simple Holiday Desserts You’ll Love!

Simple Holiday Desserts You’ll Love

Believe it or not, you don’t have to compromise when it comes to the sweet and tasty side of Christmas even if you’re short on time. Being a big supporter of splurging over the holidays, we realize reality doesn’t always give you the time or the budget required to put creative and festive desserts on the table. Luckily we’ve put together a small list of some simple holiday desserts we consider to be our go-to favorites!

Egg Nog Cake

Simple Holiday Desserts

Every time I mention my Holiday Egg Nog cake people go nuts! It’s amazing how many folks have never even thought of turning their favorite winter beverage into a dessert. There are so many great recipes out there to try- I will be sure to put ours in the recipe section by the end of the month. This particular dessert will need to be made from scratch so if you have a little more time than usual to put together the batter and the frosting you won’t be disappointed!

Frosted Brownies

Simple Holiday Desserts You'll love!

If you don’t have a lot of time to bake something festive from scratch, there are always boxed brownies! Say what you will about baked goods coming from a box, but I find at least when it comes to brownies you can do no better than Betty Crocker!
Choose to make your own frosting or simply buy a canned vanilla and add your own food coloring to give you the pop of colors that add the holiday cheer!

Classic Cupcakes

Simple Holiday Desserts You'll Love

Who doesn’t love a cupcake? Whether you’ve been itching to use your favorite cake from scratch recipe, or you want to throw something together with a boxed mix- cupcakes are one of many simple holiday desserts you can include this year! Grab the family and have them help you decorate to give them that extra Christmas flair.

Creme De Menthe Brownies

Simple Holiday Desserts youll love

I’ve recently added this delicious recipe to our pantry section because my family enjoys these every single year. If you have chocolate lovers in your clan they will dive into these  as soon as you put them out. Make use of a boxed brownie mix, pick up some Creme de Menthe, powdered sugar and some chocolate chips and get baking!

Chocolate Mousse Cake

Okay so I may have lied a little when it comes to making simple holiday desserts in this entry. I had to include one holiday staple that involved several more steps than the others because it is THAT good. Each year I make a delicious Chocolate Mousse cake mostly from scratch. As I mentioned, I’m partial to the chocolate cake flavor I can only seem to accomplish from boxed mixes — that being said if you have a recipe out there that is comparable please share and I’ll give it a shot!
Anyways, for this chocolate mousse cake- I make my own mousse and my own chocolate ganache. It requires a good amount of heavy cream, melted chocolate and technical skill– but the result is an incredibly decadent and rich treat you and your family will look forward to all year!


Safe Ways to Spoil Your Pet Over the Holidays

Safe Ways to Spoil Your Pet Over the Holidays

Safe ways to spoil your pets over the holidays
If your household is anything like ours, making sure your pets are part of the winter celebrations is a must. After all, they’re family too, right? Fortunately there are many simple and safe ways to spoil your pet over the holidays, it just requires some special focus.

Pet Stockings

Animals like to open stockings too! There are plenty of ways to go about doing something like this without breaking the bank too. Whether you have a cat, dog, bunny or even a hamster- you can fill their stockings with bedding, treats and general supplies your furry friend uses year round. Not only will you be stocking up on stuff you’d need to purchase one way or another, but both the family and your pets will get to enjoy the joy of receiving a gift!
We always give our dog a new holiday themed toy- some specialty dog bones, and a dog bed to replace the one she wears out every year. Our kitty gets cat nip (she loves our barn mouse toy), crunchy treats and  even her own cat grass plant!

Holiday Sweaters

This isn’t something we do but I see folks do it all the time. If you have a smaller dog who may get cold easily, it could be really fun for you (and warm for them) to be put in a holiday sweater! It probably can go without saying but not all animals are going to feel comfortable in these. Make sure not to force them into anything if they show you any signs of resistance- the point is to treat them not harass them 🙂

Special Snacks

Your pets probably will take just about any food you’re willing to give them- but maybe this is the time of year you can opt for the more expensive treats! Assuming your pet doesn’t have any strict dietary restrictions, consider new and interesting organic/all natural options you don’t normally purchase. They will love the change in consistency and may manage to find even MORE love for you! Always make sure the treats you regularly feed them have nutritional value- that way you can worry less about splurging a little around the Holidays.

Safe ways to spoil your pet over the holidays
Home Cooked Meal

Now as a rule we do not endorse feeding pets ‘people food’ but that doesn’t mean you couldn’t cook them a proper meal from items you eat! Something as simple as boiled chicken or turkey, rice and some frozen veggies will make your dog go wild with excitement! Cats may enjoy some cooked ground turkey (pate style) or tuna patties. Don’t feel like setting their digestive track into a tailspin? Maybe bake them some special pet cookies instead!

There are tons of great, healthy recipes online you can search for. Get the whole family involved and make it a new tradition! This is one of many great safe ways to spoil your pet over the holidays!
Safe Ways to Spoil Your Pet over the Holidays


You may find this boring in comparison to the rest of what is on our list here but it is easily the most important way to take care of your furry friends. Make sure to keep ribbon, tinsel and general holiday decor safe and away from possible consumption. Avoid feeding them people food like sugary treats or breads as they are not necessarily safe and definitely not ‘good’ for them.
Also be sure to inspect any and all new toys- both ones that are intended for your pets AND children. Small pieces may become choking hazards for more than one member of the family!

All in all we have just scratched the surface when it comes to finding safe ways to spoil your pets this Holiday season, but we hope you’ve got a few new ideas to run with!

Winter Bird Feeding – A Few Tips

Winter Bird Feeding Tips

Winter Bird Feeding Tips

If you’re in New England like we are (or anywhere that gets cold in the winter) you may consider feeding the wild birds if you aren’t already. Ice and layers of snow over the course of one large (or many small) storm has the potential to cut off many of the natural resources birds rely on for survival. The last thing we want is to see hundreds or even thousands of birds starve to death, right?

To ensure a healthy, successful winter bird feeding season check out our tips below.

Use big capacity feeders

If you don’t have any large bird feeders consider putting out multiple medium sized ones. This is important during major storms so there is plenty of food to go around to all the birds in your immediate surroundings. Visit your local hardware stores or wild bird stores- they are bound to have excellent options for feeders.

Offer nutritious seed & plenty of fat

This is a very important winter bird feeding tip! Ideal seed mixes consist of black oil sunflower seed, hulled peanuts, white millet seed and niger seed. Be careful of “filler” seed mixes, where there is more mixed grains with little nutrition than anything else. It pays to read the bags before you buy them.
Also keep in mind that birds burn more calories in the winter as to stay warm. Providing suet is a good way to ensure you’re providing them access to quick energy. Woodpeckers and insect-eating birds will give you special thanks for thinking of them!

Be consistent & feed all Winter

Believe it or not, the birds who find your feeders will likely stick around. Don’t let them down! If you begin feeding on November 1st, keep your feeders full until mid-March or early April. As long as there’s snow and ice, there will be birds relying on your kindness & feeders. Try to pay attention to the food supply and aim to avoid any length of time where they are empty. It only takes one huge storm to negatively affect the bird population if they can’t find enough food to survive.

Don’t forget water

It may seem counterintuitive, but birds can still become dehydrated in the winter even when surrounded by ice/snow. Filling your bird bath or simply leaving a pan of water on the warmer winter days could make all the difference!

Remember the ground feeders!

Do your ground-feeding birds a favor by stamping down the snow underneath your feeders so they can have easy access to the seed that falls. Too much snow will deter the doves, and other birds from hanging around trying to eat the droppings.

Keep your feeders clean

Every so often head on out with some warm water and clean the feeders. Chances are they’ll get a little grimy as the season goes on. Give them a good clean, let them dry- and fill ’em right back up again.

Stock up on seed

I didn’t know this until recently- but go seed shopping over the Fall this year. Places will often discount the bigger bags because they’re making room for their winter merchandise. Buy several bags and never run out, especially in the dead of winter!

The Holiday Family Traditions You’ve Been Looking For

Holiday Family Traditions

It’s never too late to implement Holiday family traditions, especially during the winter season! You don’t even need to celebrate Christmas to enjoy quality family time that will leave pleasant, long lasting memories for years to come (though there are plenty of Christmas themes to take advantage of too!).

Watch Corny Movies

This particular idea isn’t exclusive to the holidays but you’re definitely more likely to find extremely corny movies! Few things feel as comfy as snuggling up with your loved ones under blankets while watching a laugh-inducing film. Besides, not every Christmas flick is pure trash- you may find yourself pleasantly surprised by the charming characters and warm storylines. Point is- if your couch is a  predictable destination for you and your family this year- may as well share the screen with everyone else. My suggestion? Put all your devices in a nearby basket and set rules to prevent each other from being sucked into their feeds and timelines.

Exchange Christmas Pajamas

Every year my family looks forward to this. My mom is really great at sewing and years ago instilled the tradition of making each of us our own flannel pajamas. We always look forward to seeing what material design she chose for us- from flowers to cats- it’s always special. The best part is getting to open them on Christmas Eve so we can show off our new digs on Christmas morning as we enjoy the day.
While you don’t need to sew your own, you can certainly adapt this tradition for your own family. Maybe assign each member a person to buy PJ’s for- or put one person in charge and rotate every year. No matter which way you do it- everyone is sure to enjoy the extra festive touch to the holiday. Consider involving designs and styles that are not limited to Christmas so they can get year-round use of them (but always connecting them to the memories of your family and the traditions you all keep).

Hunt for Presents

You’re family probably enjoys a good Easter Egg hunt every year right? Why not bring some of that energy and spark to this holiday? If you have younger children, they will love the idea of hunting for their presents! Pick some clever hiding spots, incorporate ‘notes from Santa’ that have hints on them- and maybe save the biggest presents for the hardest locations. Instead of sitting by the tree all day- encourage some traditional game style activity.
Everyone will have a little bit more appreciation for their presents when they had to earn them!

Cookie Swap and/or Yankee Swap

If you have older children, perhaps in lieu of some of the more ‘childish’ traditions out there you could start something new! A family favorite on the farm is our annual Yankee Swap- where we invite our closest family and friends over for a night of fun. Everyone not only brings a present under $15 but also partakes in a pot luck dinner.  After we eat we all pick a number (1 – however many are there) and start opening presents in numeric order. It’s always fun to see what people get, and how hardcore people are when they see something they want.
Want something a little less potentially barbaric? Go with the cookie swap! Everybody bakes (or buys) their favorite holiday cookies and brings enough so everyone can go home with some of each kind. Even younger families can enjoy this one- plenty of sweets to go around leading up to Christmas!

Pick out and Decorate the Christmas Tree

Holiday Family Traditions

When you have older children it can be hard to keep up with some of the traditions you may have had when they were younger. One way to keep some of the magic alive is by making a point of getting together every year to pick out the family Christmas tree and spend a few hours decorating it together. It’s a great way to go through all the old ornaments made as children and collected through life. Nothing is more symbolic than gathering around as a family with a mission to celebrate life, nature and beauty.

Pick a Favorite Dessert or Meal and Serve it Every Year

Some families scramble every year to decide what to have for their family dinner on Christmas. This year, sit down with everyone and talk about the meals they’ve most enjoyed over the years. From appetizers, main courses to desserts- have everyone contribute and then set the plan in motion!
Our family always has the same meals every holiday- but we often switch it up by assigning different people to make different things. That way there is always some variety in presentation and recipe. By instilling this tradition, mouths will start watering for next year even just a few hours after eating dinner! This is also a guaranteed way to ensure everyone gets something they will enjoy. Don’t let any one member of the family struggle with the meal planning anymore  and everyone will benefit! Eating is one of the biggest holiday family traditions, might as well get the most out of it 🙂

5 Myths About Living Green

Myths about Living Green

myths about living green

Whenever you see or hear something that discourages your desire to live more efficiently and with a mind to the environment, don’t listen. If you get the feeling that there’s nothing YOU can do to help take care of our planet, change your attitude! You have more power than you think! There are many myths about living green out there designed to make you believe you could never make a difference.

1. You could never make a difference

Don’t you love it when people say ‘their vote doesn’t matter’? I have the same reaction to that statement as I do to the claim that a single individual could never make a different when it comes to eco-friendly living.  I get frustrated. Something as simple as choosing to spend your money (which in this world, is your power) on products that were made with the planet’s interests in mind. Make an effort to look for products that use a high percentage of recycled materials. The more people who band together in movements like this the greater the chance we have against inconsiderate manufacturers and corporations.

2. Eco-friendly groceries are more expensive

Did you know most food travels anywhere between 1,500 and 2,500 miles to get to your grocery store? (*NRD Council) So when they say buying eco-friendly food is more expensive, they must not be factoring in the transportation and fuel costs alongside all that carbon! Shop for locally grown groceries, ideally from farms that grow on-site. Not only will you help stop enable these irresponsible cross-country transport methods but you won’t be supporting the commercial use of all the (or at least, as many) pesticides or artificial ripening agents. You’ll keep petrochemicals out of the ground, and further help reduce crude-oil usage.  Every little bit counts!

3. An appliance switched ‘off’ is not using any power

You are probably already aware of this but it’s always worth repeating. Your electronic devices, be it your computer or TV- are always costing you energy unless they are unplugged. This is because of something called vampire power, a function designed to assist electronics to turn on faster. Invest in a couple powerstrips (don’t overload them!) and click them off when you’re not utilizing any of the appliances. Remember, every little bit helps! It certainly doesn’t pay to buy into the myths about living green.

4. There is no eco-friendly way to bring your groceries home

This one cracks me up. There has long been a debate among environmental enthusiasts about whether paper or plastic is better for the planet. Here’s the thing, they’re both horrible. The production of them alone is questionable and harmful. While you could argue both can serve new purposes upon returning from the store- we can all agree in most cases they end up in the trash. Bring your own cloth bags each time you go to the store and help end the debate. Save the bags for a last minute resort if you undergo a big shopping trip.

5. The need to commute will always cost the planet something

I wouldn’t consider this entirely false- but it is definitely incredibly misleading. While it is true that we will always require some form of fuel or energy to get ourselves to work there are steps you can take to make sure you are reducing your carbon footprint. The most obvious (and most unrealistic) option is to adopt biking as your leading means of transport. Hey, if you’re eating local, shopping local, you can’t have too far to go right? More doable ways to be effective include keeping up with replacing your air filter (can get up to 10 more miles per gallon), get regular tuneups (to keep miles per gallon at its most efficient), and keeping an eye out on your tire air pressure. That’s just the beginning.

We will occasionally tackle more myths about living green because it’s important you know what’s what!

Unique Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Check out this list of unique stocking stuffer ideas

Year after year it can be hard to keep the originality up when it comes to unique stocking stuffer ideas. Certain items like festive candy are staples. However it isn’t always easy to find the knick knacks that will have the desired wow factor.

Check out our take on some unique stocking stuffer ideas below!

Mason Jar Tumbler

Now this is something I know I would love to see in my stocking! Designed to look like an authentic canning jar, these Mason Jar Tumblers are not only cheap but also so charming! What better way is there than to show off your love for all things country with this? Available on Amazon, ~$10 & free shipping!
Unique Stocking Stuffer Ideas via

Touchscreen Friendly Winter Gloves

As a rule here on the farm we don’t necessarily like to encourage device use- but even personal experience shows these gloves would be handy. Nobody likes to need to take their gloves off in the cold weather just to text someone back or make a call. We’ve linked to one option but there are many different kinds to choose from out there!


Cable Keychains

Along the lines of device use and convenience, another handy trinket to consider are these cute cable keychains! Nobody likes being stuck somewhere without the proper cables to charge your phone or tablet! Even better, never again will your friends confuse their chargers for yours! Spice up the style of your keychain with this practical option.

Stress Doll

Widely known as the Dammit Doll- these are all the range among adults these days! These handmade, high quality & clearly very durable dolls are there for you when nobody else is. If yoga or daily exercise isn’t doing the trick, maybe these will. Comes with a complimentary, hilarious poem: “Whenever things don’t go so well, And you want to hit the wall and yell, Here’s a little Dammit doll, That you can’t do without. Just grasp it firmly by the legs And find a place to slam it. And as you whack the stuffing out Yell “Dammit! Dammit! Dammit!”

Bacon Flavored Candy Canes

Whether or not I can explain the phenomena, I think we all know bacon is all the rage. In fact, it never seems to go out of style. You could opt for the bacon cooker alarm clock, but we feel these candy canes get the point across while still endorsing the ultimate love for bacon. I haven’t tried them myself, but they’ve been well-reviewed! Treat a fellow bacon lover to something sweet and unique. The reaction is bound to be entertaining at the very least.

Headphone Ear Warmers

I think this is one of the better unique stocking stuffer ideas on this list. For friends and family who are often walking the cold city streets, riding the rails or outdoors a lot in all kinds of weather- I’m sure their ears get mighty cold. Why not give them the option to entertain themselves as the battle the elements? The link will take you to a women’s fashionable style on Amazon but there are many different varieties available out there.

Unique Stocking Stuffer ideas via Amazon

Good luck!



5 Great Holiday Gift Ideas for School Teachers

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Great Holiday Gift Ideas for School Teachers

Struggling to find Holiday gift ideas for school teachers? It’s the Holiday Season so naturally you’re frantically in search of something for everybody in your life, right? For the most part this isn’t hard because you are in tune with your friends & family- and have a solid grip as to what make great presents for them. However, your child may have 4-6 teachers (don’t forget the bus driver!) any given school year- people you hardly know… Sometimes finding a balance between cheap and thoughtful is overwhelming but it doesn’t need to be.

Always put yourself in their shoes- what would make life more enjoyable? Simpler? Here are some gift ideas to consider:

Simple Meal Options

Teachers may be done teaching between 2-3pm but most are far from being able to actually go home. They may be involved in after-school student activities or sports. Chances are they definitely still need to grade tests and papers. For all you know, they don’t see their own home until 8 or 9 at night. That’s why giving them a basket of tea, hot chocolate, dry soup and/or pantry mixes are a really clever gift. These are all things they could enjoy from the comfort of their home- or via the kitchen in the school without much effort. You won’t break the bank, and you’ll make the chaotic holiday season a little more manageable.

Holiday Gift Ideas for School Teachers

Don’t Do it Alone

Teachers are no strangers to gifts but how many of them end up being useful or worth the money spent? While we don’t have statistics for you- chances are more end up in the trash than anywhere else. Help fellow parents avoid the same money pit and consider going in on a larger, group gift.  A gift certificate to a really nice restaurant or a nice store in the mall, for example- would be manageable between multiple people.

Baker’s Dream

In my experience, many teachers are young women with a variety of hobbies. If you’re lucky- maybe they like to bake? Throwing a basket together with all the needed ingredients (dry ingredients, sprinkles, icing) for a batch of cookies is a very creative and considerate present to give to anyone- not just a teacher. Or- alternatively- you could whip up a few dozen cookies yourself and package them nicely (and have enough to give every teacher some!). You can’t go wrong with your budget when you go this route! Just make sure to have your child check for allergies before they start chowing down!


This is a popular idea and for good reason. Ornaments never go out of style, and there is an endless variety of kinds and themes to choose from! Try to go for something unique or personal so they will always remember where it came from. You’ll be able to cover a lot of ground with multiple teachers if you pick something small but practical and relevant to the Holidays!

Holiday Gift ideas for School Teachers


Class Pet

Does the teacher have a class pet in the room for all the kids to take care of? Chances are they are paying for its food and bedding out of pocket (I doubt there’s an expense account for a hamster!). With that in mind- maybe a new cage, or a couple months supply of food, treats or chew toys would do the trick? You’d be surprised how much that could help and thrill your teacher- especially since everyone benefits, including a little furry friend!

No need to stress! These are just 5 of so many ways to impress the teachers in your life this year! Browse around our general store, pantry or spa sections to get more ideas!