Product Spotlight: Enamelware Bowls and Dishes

Product Spotlight: Enamelware Bowls and Dishes

enamelware bowls and dishes

When you’re in search of that perfect country kitchen, you can’t accomplish it without the help of enamelware bowls and dishes! We have learned over the years that our enamelware in particular are popular across the board.

What is Enamelware?

It is unclear as to when or where enamelware originated but we do know it has been made for thousands of years. Enamelware is used to describe items that have a porcelain enamel finish. Typically it is a coating to aluminum or steel products. You will often see it as a coating for pots and pans but many other kitchen appliances can be coated with it as well.

The process of creating enamel is compared frequently to that of making glass. Metal oxides, water, clay, and electrolytes are all heated up to high temperatures using a smelter, until they become liquid.

Once the liquid is rolled out and the “frit” is created, it is applied to the dish or bowl in question. The item is heated again after application to bond.

Why do people love Enamelware bowls and dishes?


Even though the market is saturated with many options for cookware, the demand for enamelware lives on. Why is that? Contrary to popular belief, new methods aren’t always the best!

Enamelware remains popular to this day largely because of its incredible strength and heat conducting abilities. It won’t crack with extremely high temperatures. A thin coating of enamel will make it more flexible. Unless the base is compromised, it will be hard to destroy these bowls and dishes.

Much like glass, enamelware is also a popular choice because it is stain resistant. It has a nonstick surface which will repel things like grease and oil. It is very easy to clean and even easier to keep free of germs and bacteria as it is not porous.

Any downsides?

Aside from the chances of chips in the coating, there are few downsides to using enamelware. If your goal is to use it as decor- you’ll have no issues. For more consistent, functional use, just take care to avoid liquids with acidic qualities. Also keep in mind that long periods of use for boiling water could result in the bowl or dish eroding over time.

However there are specialty paints available in the event you need to refinish or fix an issue!

enamelware bowls and dishes

We have a great variety of enamelware bowls and dishes but after the Holidays rush we are low in stock! Stay tuned for the return of our popcorn bowls and soap dishes! In the meantime check out our general enamelware bowls and plates in our general store!