Benefits of using Goat Milk on your Skin

The benefits of using Goat Milk soaps and lotions on your skin are enough to convince me to make the switch, how about you?


Benefits of using Goat Milk Soap


Goat Milk Soap is one of the most gentle soaps that you can buy. Compared to other kinds on the market, goat milk has a ph level closest to our own skin, making it the most compatible. It is often prescribed to people with sensitive skin and especially dry skin, or eczema- because human skin will drink it up more than most other soaps.


High in Vitamin A, Goat milk soaps and lotions are more likely to repair damaged skin tissue as well as maintain healthy skin. Studies have shown that products made with Vitamin A reduce wrinkles, offer psoriasis relief and help prevent acne.

Natural Moisturizer

Goat Milk is naturally rich in proteins and has soothing qualities that cannot be synthetically reproduced.  It is unique in the sense that it is a pure and true beauty aid. Fat molecules are arguably the most important component of a good, effective soap. The creamy soaps and lotions will not dry your skin out like many other water-based – which is especially helpful during the cold winter months.

Acids & Minerals

Alpha-hydroxy acids such as Lactic acid are a big contributor to the benefits of goat milk soaps and lotions and why they are so effective. They help break down the ties between living and dead skin cells- leaving only healthy, new cells on the surface. Skin will look younger and feel smooth after use. The removal of dead cells help prevent skin irritating conditions.

There are also powerful minerals found in Goat Milk. Selenium, for example, is a mineral believed to protect skin from excessive time in the sun. It has been tied to skin cancer prevention. Too many water-based soaps on the market claim to have “healthy minerals” like iron, calcium and sodium- but those aren’t overly relevant when we’re talking about your skin.

Water-Based Soaps Are Harsh

Most available water-based soaps on the market are full of additives that do absolutely nothing for your complexion. They are made with harsh chemical acids that can do more damage than good. Some may be fortified with vitamins (trying to replicate natural soaps like Goat Milk) but most aren’t. Not all soaps are created equal and this is especially the case when we’re talking about commercial brands. They aren’t trying to sell you a quality product so much as a selling their product in high quantity.

Not convinced? Just take a look at their list of ingredients next time you’re in the store. A good high quality soap will have the following: Goat Milk Soap, nourishing oils (ie: coconut oil), and essential oils (fragrance and additional health benefits).

Even more research will prove the benefits of goat milk are worth making the switch or at the very least, worth trying. Personally I always opt for the natural choice over anything made with artificial chemicals. Usually anything I see advertised in excess on TV is a big red flag- so maybe keep walking when you pass by the soap aisle next time you’re at the store!

Want to try? We have a wonderful line of goat milk soaps and lotions on our Sophie’s Spa page. We have many refreshing scented soaps as well as unscented. Feel free to contact us with any questions!

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