The Country Store is more important to us than ever!

So many small businesses like ours have been facing challenges throughout the last year (!) of this pandemic. Suddenly the predictable revenue streams disappeared overnight and many were left scrambling to find new ones. Fortunately for us, we already had the Country Store fully operational- but we never had to rely on it as much as we did in the Spring of 2020 and beyond. Usually the months of May and June are booked solid with school field trips, July/August features summer programs, weekends we would host birthday parties and occasional Open Farm Days- but not last year (or this year either I expect)… When you’re only able to be open for 6 months of the year, losing any piece of business can be devastating – let alone all of it!

I wanted to share this wonderful article written about us in the Patriot Ledger because without it I don’t know if we’d have kicked off last year’s attempt to pivot as effectively. This article came out before we decided to introduce Family Animal Encounters– and the number of orders that came through as a direct result was nothing short of a miracle. If I get started on the incredible show of support from everyone who would later book an animal visit (or in many cases, multiple), I’ll never shut up. All I’ll say is we are so lucky to have you.

Thank you to everyone in our local community who have supported us in this last year and those afar who took advantage of our ability to ship your orders to you. Whether you made a purchase, came to visit, did your holiday shopping through us or simply spread the word to your friends and family… I will never forget how much you all have rallied around us.

With so many things still feeling uncertain, we are still working to find a new normal in our offerings. We will still need you! But I am excited for what we have for you this coming season. Stay tuned for more info!

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